General Infectious Disease


 The General Infectious Disease service is the primary teaching service at the Nebraska Medical Center (NMC).  The General Infectious Diseases service cares for a variety of adult patients with both common and uncommon infections throughout all hospital, ICU, and surgical care areas.  Common problems include endocarditis, CNS infections including meningitis and encephalitis, fevers of unknown origin, osteomyelitis, infections in the ICU, post-operative infections, management of drug-resistant pathogens, and the management of more common conditions such as UTI, pneumonia and skin and soft tissue infection.

The General ID team consists of an attending physician, an ID fellow, and 3-4 Internal Medicine residents.  Medical and pharmacy students along with pharmacy residents may also be part of the team. The faculty who support the General ID service are all excellent teachers and prefer working with trainees.

The ID Division also supports a number of General ID clinics which occur on all days of the week in the Durham Outpatient Center.  These clinics are supported by 2 APPs and 2 ID nurses along with the faculty.  The clinics focus on ensuring follow up care of previously hospitalized patients along with providing consultative care to new ambulatory ID referrals. Finally, we support a multidisciplinary Non-tuberculous Mycobacterial Infection Clinic where patients are evaluated and treated for this difficult to treat infection.  This clinic occurs with faculty support from the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine and focuses on the overall management of these medically complex patients.   

Faculty servicing the General Infectious Disease service is: