Lectures and Conferences
UNMC Nephrology Fellowship Program Lectures and Conferences

Listed below is a description of each of the Lectures and Conferences of our Nephrology fellowship program.
Core Curriculum Lecture Series  
Attendance by all nephrology fellows in the program is mandatory.  Each session is led by a faculty member from Nephrology or a related discipline, who has a particular expertise or interest in the topic area; fluids and electrolytes, calcium and phosphorous metabolism, acid-base physiology, hypertension, glomerular disease, chronic dialysis, aspects of transplantation, molecular biology, and genetics. This conference will be held most Mondays at 4 pm except Dr. Florescu at 12:30 pm.
Journal Club  
Faculty members along with nephrology fellows are assigned on a rotating basis to present clinical or basic science literature with relevance to cardiovascular disease, nephrology and transplantation.  To ensure that these areas are covered, two presenters are scheduled to review either Basic Science or Clinical Science journals.  The assignments allow coverage of pertinent data in outstanding periodicals relevant to Nephrology.  Journal club will meet the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 4 pm.
Renal Potpourri  
Cases are presented by a nephrology fellow as well as a nephrology attending with the guidance of the rounding attending.  The presenting house officer then leads a discussion of the case and reviews salient teaching points of the case. If there is pertinent literature, it can be reviewed and discussed.  The presentation and discussion of each case lasts for approximately 20 minutes, allowing ample time for discussion.  Renal potpourri will meet the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month at 4 pm.
M&M - QI Conference  
This Root Cause Analysis conference will take place bi-annually on a Thursday at 4 pm where issues regarding morbidity and mortality of patients in the hospital and clinics will be discussed.
Board Review  
Nephrology fellows along with Dr. Florescu will meet the 4th Wednesday of every month at 4 pm; focusing on reviews of NephSAP, KSAP and a Question & Answer discussion.
Fellow Presentations  
Both clinical and basic science topics pertinent to nephrology are presented.  The nephrology fellows will generally present one conference yearly.  The topic and direction of discussion will be guided by a faculty-mentor.  Content should represent an organized, focused review of the clinical and basic science information pertinent to a chosen topic.  The nephrology fellows’ presentations should be gauged to last approximately 45 minutes allowing the remaining 15 minutes for questions and answers.
Renal Rheum Conference  
Multidisciplinary conference with rheumatology faculty and fellows in which interesting cases are presented and important teaching points are discussed by one rheumatology and one nephrology fellow.
Research Conference  
This conference occurs monthly.  Local and National experts will present clinical and or basic science research.  Fellows and faculty may also present “research in progress”.
Monthly Research Update  
The latest in Nephrology research will be discussed during a monthly meeting led by faculty, fellows, or guest speakers who are local or national experts in renal research. Updates on ongoing as well as new projects in the division will be reviewed in an open discussion. Information from the Department of Internal Medicine Research Council will also be shared at the meetings to disseminate research opportunities, award mechanisms and other UNMC research news. Overall, the aim of the monthly research meeting is to encourage and engage Nephrology faculty and trainees in the performance of clinical and translational research and to review recent scientific and clinical research advancements. This conference usually takes places on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 4 pm.
Transplant Patient Activity Conference  

A monthly conference attended by multidisciplinary members of the transplant team to discuss patients on the transplant service during the month. Particular focus is given to new transplant patients and transplant recipients readmitted with notable issues.

The nephrology fellow on the transplant rotation presents the patients cared for during the month, and other fellows are encouraged to attend when available. The objective of this interactive conference is to communicate and discuss patient specific issues and to review the educational opportunities in specific clinical examples. This conference usually takes place on the 4th Wednesday of the rotation at 9:30 am.

Multidisciplinary Patient Selection Conference  
A “working” conference reviews all patients being evaluated for kidney and combined kidney and pancreas transplants that have been seen within the prior two weeks in the inpatient or outpatient setting at UNMC.  In addition, policy issues are discussed. All faculty and nephrology fellows, who have had contact with these patients, are expected to attend. This conference takes place on Thursday’s from 2 – 3:30 pm.
Renal Pathology Conferences  
Coordinated and moderated by the Renal Pathology Service of the Department of Pathology.
Native Kidney Biopsy  
Selected cases from the previous month will be reviewed in this conference.  Renal Pathology conference will occur the 1st Thursday of every month at 4 pm.
Transplant Kidney Biopsy  

A “working” conference, which occurs each Wednesday at 9 am.  All biopsies from the prior week will be reviewed and management will be discussed.  Fellows are required to attend while on the transplant service, and encouraged to attend while on other services.

Every Friday at 1:30 pm is weekend sign out, sign in is Monday at 9:30 am.

Internal Medicine Grand Rounds  
Internal Medicine Grand Rounds occur each Friday at noon.  Fellows should attend this conference when topics pertinent to Nephrology are covered, and are required to attend when the Division of Nephrology sponsors the Grand Rounds.
Cellular and Integrative Physiology Research Conference  
This conference occurs each Friday at noon.  Topics pertinent to renal and vascular physiology are often covered in this conference.  Fellows should plan to attend this conference in lieu of Internal Medicine Grand Rounds when these topics are covered.
Clinical Research Symposium  
The Clinical Research Symposium is sponsored by the Clinical Research Center.  It is usually one week in July, August or September.  The symposium is aimed at giving participants a broad overview of the clinical research process, including study design, statistical design and analysis, ethical issues, and the Institutional Review Board application policy and procedures. Fellows are required to attend this symposium in their 1st year.