University of Nebraska Medical Center

Stem Cell Transplantation

Our research leads to innovative advances in bone marrow and stem cell transplants that change the standard of care.

Started by Dr. James Armitage in 1982, the bone marrow transplant program performs more than 150 transplants per year. Our faculty and staff members are committed to the development of their programs to continue to pioneer leadership in areas such as research, education, transplant, cancer therapy, and many others.

UNMC has a distinguished national and international reputation in stem cell transplantation for a variety of diseases.

One area in particular, developed by UNMC’s own faculty, has helped the university to become a world leader in leukemia and lymphoma therapy. Following some 20 years of basic science research around the world and gradual refinement of clinically applied transplantation, the first patients at UNMC were transplanted with bone marrow cells in 1983.

Techniques pioneered at UNMC using peripheral blood derived stem cells have also become an important part of the clinical care and treatment at the university.