Current Projects

Title: Biphasic Mucociliary Clearance in Aging
ID Number: 1R01AG053553-01
Project Period: 2016-2021
Role: Principal Investigator
Goal: We hypothesize that normal aging leads to DNA strand breaks, and elevated PKCε signaling, resulting in dysfunctional mucociliary clearance. We will test this hypothesis through the following specific aims: 1) Establish that elevated PKCε signaling slows CBF in aging, and then restore normal CBF by inhibiting this pathway. 2) Determine how double-stranded DNA breaks, a hallmark of aging, affect CBF. 3) Demonstrate that CBF is slowed in aging humans and determine the role of both double-stranded DNA breaks and PKCε in slowing CBF.

Title:     Targeting Airway Inflammation from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation Dust              
Agency:  DHHS/CDC/NIOSH (5R01OH008539-09)
Date:       2006-2021
Role:       Co-Investigator (Prinicpal Investigator: Debra Romberger)

Title:      The Alcohol Exposome:  Role of Alcohol Use in Exposures Contributing to Human Disease
Agency:  University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Date:       2019-2021
Role:       Co-Investigator (Prinicpal Investigator: Carol Casey)

Title:      Summer Undergraduate Alcohol Research Program            
Agency:  DHHS/NIH/NIAAA (5R25AA0201818-08)
Date:       2017-2022
Role:       Co-Investigator (Prinicpal Investigator: Ted Mikuls)

Title:      Role of Glycosylation in FSH Signaling in FSH Target Cells
Agency:  Wichita State University (R51744 - 15943)
Date:       2017-2022
Role:       Co-Investigator (Prinicpal Investigator: John Davis)

Title:     CoPARC: Colorado Pulmonary Alcohol Research Collaborative
Agency: University of Colorado – Anschutz Medical Campus (FY19.580.002)
Date:      2011 - 2023
Role:      Co-Investigator (Prinicpal Investigator: Todd Wyatt)