Current Projects

Title: Improving exercise capacity in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients
through uphill walking
Funding Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs Small Projects in Rehabilitation Research (SPiRE) award
Role: Principal Investigator
Dates: 10/1/19-9/30/21

Title: Targeting airway inflammation from concentrated animal feeding operation dust
Funding Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
Role: Principal Investigator
Dates: 1/1/19-9/30/22
Major Goals: Our overall objective is to determine the contribution of AREG to lung repair pathways following inflammatory organic inhalant exposures. By identifying regulatory patterns of normative lung repair processes, we aim to identify intervention strategies to improve lung repair processes in agricultural workers suffering from lung disease. We hypothesize that AREG-mediated signaling following organic dust exposures promotes lung repair activities, and dysregulation of these normative lung repair processes leads to lung disease in agriculture workers.

Title: Central States Center of Agricultural Safety & Health (COPH)
Funding Agency: CDC-NIOSH (U54 OH010162)
Role:   Co-Investigator, Parent project; Principal Investigator, Outreach Core
Dates: 9/1/16-9/30/21
Major Goals: CS-CASH with a strong network of collaborators provides regional leadership in the development and delivery of interventions to improve agricultural health and safety. The Center is structured to takes advantage UNMC's strengths in public health research and administration. Research teams from several states and institutions bring multi-disciplinary expertise and access to farm populations in the region. With strong public health - agriculture - grassroots partnerships we have built a coalition with diverse scientific resources and the ability to address local, regional and national issues. The Center has built a comprehensive approach that links research, prevention, intervention, education, translation, outreach, and evaluation. The Center develops and implements innovative, evidence-based solutions that address important agricultural safety and health problems in a collaborative manner.