Oncology and Hematology

2011 Craving a Cure

The 2011 Craving a Cure, Lymphoma/transplant reunion was held on April 17, 2011 at the Sorrell Center at UNMC. View the video. Survivors and their guests were treated to a tour of the research laboratories, dined on delicious appetizers, delectable desserts and a flavored coffee bar. The guests mingled with other survivors, shared stories and listened to a program from Dr. Julie Vose and Dr. James Armitage on the history, present and future of therapies for the Hematologic blood cancers. Ray McDonald, spoke on his journey and Ann St. John was awarded the 2011 Spirit of Life award for her contributions in campaigning for research to “Out Research Cancer.” Tom Thompson of the Nebraska University Foundation spoke on how important research dollars are to continue our cause to find a cure for cancer. We are looking forward to the 2012 Craving a Cure – date yet to be announced.

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Campaign for Nebraska

Please visit University of Nebraska Foundation to learn how you can make a gift to support research and to learn more about Craving a Cure.