SUARP Posters - 2020

Summer Undergraduate Alcohol Research Posters

The SUARP posters are listed below by student name in alphabetical order. Posters can be enlarged by right clicking and viewing image. Students attended Q&A sessions on August 7th, their last day of the program.


Madyson Anglim  Anglim Poster

Madyson Anglim, Junior at Drake University
"Asthma in the Elderly"

Cole Herrin Cole Herrin Poster

Cole Herrin, Junior at University of Nebraska - Omaha
"The Immune Response to Alcoholic Liver Disease: A Literature Review"

Marcus JudahMarcus Judah Poster

Marcus Judah, Junior, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
"Pathway Activation Signatures in CRP High and Low Rheumatoid Arthritis"

Anna Kilzer PosterfinalSUARPposter-1.jpg

Anna Kilzer, Sophmore, Marquette University
"The Co-Administration of Immunosuppresant Treatments with Pegloticase in the Context of Solid Organ Transplantation and Gout: A Case Report"

Lauren Klingemann Lauren Klingemann Poster

Lauren Klingemann, Sophmore, Texas Christian University
"The Associations of Alcohol Consumption Frequency and Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease Severity"

Julia LeeJulia Lee Poster

Julia Lee, Sophmore, University of Southern California
"Postbiotic Treatments for Alcohol-Associated Intestinal Dysbiosis"

Micaila LopezMicaila Lopez Poster

Micaila Lopez, Junior, Northwest Missouri State University
"Ethnic and Racial Minority Participation in Rheumatic Diseases"

Masood Rahmanzai Masood Rahmanzai Poster

Masood Rahmanzai, Junior, University of Nebraska - Omaha
"Probiotic Treatments for Alcohol-Associated Intestinal Dysbiosis"

Roshan Sapkota                                         Joseph Zakaria

Roshan Sapkota, Freshman                       Joseph Zakaria, Junior
Brown University                                       University of Tennessee - Knoxville

Sapkota and Zakaria Poster