Internal Medicine Biobanks
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 Veterans Administration Rheumatoid
 Arthritis (VARA) Biospecimen Bank:
 Plasma,  Genomic DNA of veterans 
 with RA. VARA includes DNA, serum
 and plasma from more than 1600 US
 Veterans with RA. Detailed clinical 
 data also available 


 Wittson Hall 3005A

 Ted Mikuls, M.D.,
 Phone: 402-559-8168

 Rheumatoid Arthritis Investigational
 Network (RAIN): Genomic DNA and
 serial serum samples from RAIN-
 conducted randomized trials

 650  Wittson Hall 3006  James O'Dell
 Vascular Disease Biobank: Vascular
 wall specimens
 >100            Daniel Anderson, MD
 Arteriovenous Fistula Tissue Bank:
 vein, serum, plasma, frozen tissue
 (OCT), plastic and paraffin blocks
 19      CRC UT4 3447  LuAnn Larson, RN
 Phone: 402-559-8555
 Diabetes and Obesity Registry and
 In Development  In Development  Jennifer Larson, M.D.
 Lymphoid Malignancies, Frozen Serum  5350  LTC 11736 "C" 30  Martin Blast
 Phone: 402-559-6302
 Thyroid Nodule and Thyroid Cancer
 Registry with biospecimen bank for
 blood urine and tissue
 >800  CRC UT4 3447      Judi Erickson, RN
 Phone: 402-559-4838
 Human Epithelial Cells and Airway

 40 Human Bronchial
 60 cell lines - Human
 Bronchial Epithelial

 Room 1022
 Steve Rennard, M.D
 Phone: 402-559-7313