REDCap - "Do it yourself" research database for UNMC research community

RedCap is a "do-it-yourself" research database originally developed by Vanderbilt University to meet the needs of clinical investigators whose studies require database capabilities but whose infrastructure is overwhelmed to meet the need. It can also create custom survey instruments for electronic deployment. RedCap is a LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-Perl) based platform that allows end users to easily create relational databases (in a manner akin to making Excel spreadsheets), and populate these databases with web-based entry tools. These databases can be queried by SQL if needed; they also support a full feature set, including audit logs for all entries, elementary statistical analysis and export to most statistical packages, complete access control of data, and access to a large, flexible set of clinical tools (e.g. SF-36). RedCap has been deployed at hundreds of research centers across the world, and is supported by an active coding and development infrastructure. This database will meet the needs of most investigators, but those whose needs include analysis/archiving of images or large time series may require a more custom solution.

For additional resource materials and tutorial information on REDCap please visit our colleagues at the University of Iowa's Institute for Clinical & Translational Science and the University of Boston Medical Center & Biological Studies.