Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)


Students attending undergraduate institutions can apply for two summer research programs in the Department of Internal Medicine - the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) and the Summer Undergraduate Alcohol Research Program (SUARP). Chosen applicants will spend 10 weeks of the summer working on a research project in one of the divisions within the department.

Research Opportunities
The Department of Internal Medicine has research projects that cover a broad range of topics. Areas of studies range from basic research into the mechanisms of human diseases, to clinical investigations evaluating various aspects of treatments. Students will interact with faculty members and researchers in the laboratory or clinical setting throughout the project.

View topics from the 2018 SURP program.

Students are selected for these competitive positions by the department on the basis of academic achievement, motivation and mutual interest in research areas.

Application Requirements

  1. Complete the online application form
    1. To be considered, applicants must have completed one year of college by the time they would participate in the program.
    2. Seniors who will have graduated by the time the program starts are discouraged from applying.
  2. Submit a one-page essay including:
    1. Your long-term career goals
    2. How you believe a research experience will assist you in your career
    3. Any prior research experience you have had
    4. Your expectations of the Summer Undergraduate Research Program
    5. Indicate your interest in SURP or SUARP
  3. Submit a transcript from the college(s)/university(ies) you have attended (this can be an unofficial copy- include your name)
  4. Submit a resume including education, experience and extracurricular activities
  5. Submit at least one letter of reference from a faculty member at the institution you are attending

Expectations for Students

  1. Students who complete an application must realize, if accepted to the program, they are committing to work a 40-hour work week for 10 weeks.
    1. Availability of some enrichment programs within the 40 hour work week is possible. However, participants should obtain approval on a case-by-case basis from the participant's mentor prior to attendance.
    2. Participants wishing to request flexibility to regular work hours (8 a.m. - 5 p.m.) for any purpose during the program, should discuss with, and obtain approval from, the participant's mentor prior to accepting a position in the Internal Medicine program.
  2. The program culminates with a mandatory poster session at which student's efforts and findings are presented for faculty, staff, family and peers to view.

The Department of Internal Medicine will pay $4,000 (before taxes) for a 10-week experience to students accepted to the SURP program.

No funds for housing or transportation are available for SURP.

Students outside of the Omaha area needing housing should check the SURP site's Housing page.

Application forms can be submitted online at the University of Nebraska Medical Center's Summer Undergraduate Research Program website.

Contact the number below if you have further questions regarding an application to the Department of Internal Medicine.

Shannon Thomsen
University of Nebraska College of Medicine
Department of Internal Medicine
983332 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, Nebraska 68198-3332
Telephone: 402/559-4875