Fontenelle Clinic BLMStaff at Fontenelle Clinic showing support for Black Lives Matter

At the UNMC Med-Peds program, we believe that advocacy is an important part of medical education.  We encourage our residents to not only advocate for their patients on a national level but also on a day to day basis in direct patient care.  As physicians, we have a unique role in the lives of our patients and often are meeting them during the most vulnerable times of their lives.  With that comes a responsibility to protect, provide and support the patients that we serve.   

Advocacy opportunities include: 

Dr. Rachel Johnson volunteering at Nebraska Medicine's Brake for Breakfast EventDr. Rachel Johnson volunteering at Brake for Breakfast Event 2020


Nebraska Medicine Break for Breakfast Sign

Drs. Jimmy McCluskey and Spencer Robinson took a 34.6 mile bike ride for the Great Cycle ChallengeDrs. Spencer Robinson and Jimmy McCluskey raising money for the Great Cycle Challenge with one of their bike rides