The Med-Peds training program is designed to provide a comprehensive four year training program that will enable graduates to be Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. Through early exposure to Medicine and Pediatric subspecialities, residents have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of career opportunities. Our schedule for residents is currently divided into 3 month blocks, alternating pediatrics and medicine for their first two years of training. In their third year, residents will change their rotations to 4 month blocks for the last 2 years. This allows for some seasonal variation as residents become more comfortable switching back and forth between the disciplines.

The program follows the Med-Peds guidelines agreed upon by both the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Pediatrics. The goal of the curriculum is to offer comprehensive training for any of several possible career paths, including primary care Med-Peds, subspecialty training, academic medicine and even research. The curriculum is flexible to help accommodate the needs of each individual resident. A sample HO schedule is shown below.

July CH Ward Intern PICU NMC Ward Supervisor CH Ward Supervisor
August CH Ward Intern Developmental/Behavior VA ICU Adolescent
September NMC NICU Peds Elective VA Ward Supervisor CH Emergency Medicine
October NMC Ward Intern NMC ICU IMED Elective Peds Elective
November NMC Cardiology NMC Hospital CH Ward Supervisor NMC Ward Supervisor
December NMC Emergency Geriatric Medicine Peds Elective IMED Elective
January Peds Elective CH Emergency Peds Elective VA Ward Supervisor
Febuary Newborn/Ambulatory NMC NICU CH Ward Supervisor IMED Elective
March CH Ward Intern CH Ward Supervisor IMED Elective Newborn/Ambulatory
April NMC Ward Intern IMED Elective IMED Elective Ambulatory
May VA Ward Intern NMC Ward Supervisor NMC Cardiology Peds Elective
June Ambulatory IMED Elective IMED Elective Peds Elective


Here is a list of our current electives.