Resident Life

Along with all that Omaha has to offer, the departments of Medicine and Pediatrics also provide several social outlets for residents.  Listed below are some of the activities you will be able to enjoy as a resident here!



HO 4 Class Get Together


HO 2 Raquel Lamarche Artwork for IM Resident Team Rooms


HO 2 Class 1st Christmas in Omaha

  • New in 2020 - We are EXCITED to announce on having our very own Med-Peds Wellness Group
  • Welcome Picnic
  • Switch Party
  • Post-Recruitment/Holiday Party
  • Graduation Banquet

Welcome Picnic 2020

Med-Peds Welcome Picnic 2020
(Pictured at Elmwood Park)


Med-Peds Switch Party 2019
(Pictured at Dr. Ashford's Home)
Internal Medicine  


  • Welcome Picnic
  • Journal Club
  • Christmas Party
  • Recruitment Party
  • Class Retreats
  • Nebraska Football & Basketball Tickets
  • Creighton Basketball Tickets
  • Residency Banquet
  • Holland Performing Arts Center Tickets


IM Intern Retreat 2019
(Pictured at Fontenelle Forest)
  • Patagonia jackets
  • Wellness ½ day twice a year
  • Netflix to soften the burden of call days
  • Funded group activities
    •   Potluck Thanksgiving
    •   Zoo events
    •   Vala’s Pumpkin Patch outing
    •   Fellowship match party
  • Therapy dogs
  • Humanities in medicine groups
  • Significant others support group


IM 2nd Year Retreat 2018
(Pictured at UNMC Sorrell Building)

  • Intern Welcome Picnic
  • Resident/Faculty Softball Game
  • Resident Holiday Party
  • Department Holiday Party
  • Journal Club
  • Intramural Sports
  • Yearly Resident Retreat
  • Graduation Banquet
  • Class Retreats


Pediatric Intern Retreat 2019
(Pictured at Lied Lodge Nebraska City, NE)
  • Sweatshirts and t-shirts
  • Monthly Wellness Activities
  • Netflix
  • Funded group activities
  • Vala’s Pumpkin Patch Outing
  • HO-I, HO-II and HO-III Retreats
  • Resident Christmas Party
  • Secret Santa Gift Exchange
  • Post Match Party
  • Therapy Dogs at UNMC and Children’s
  • Mini-Mental Health Day in January
  • Wellness Committee


Pediatric Intern Retreat 2018 
(Pictured at Lied Lodge Nebraska City, NE)