Health Educator and Academic Leaders (HEAL) Track


The Health Educators & Academic Leaders (HEAL) curriculum provides a foundation in best teaching practices, educational scholarship, and academic leadership to health professionals in training.  

The HEAL curriculum is designed to allow health professional trainees and students the opportunity to develop essential skills as educators before transitioning into their careers. 



The HEAL curriculum is divided into two tiers to accommodate variability in learner interest, career aspirations, and time. 

Implementation Plan

A link to the application will become available in January 2022.

Program Coordinator: Cory Rohlfsen, MD

Bastable, S.B., Gramet, P.R., Sopezyk, D.L., Jacobs, K., & Braungart, M.M. (2020) Health Professional as Educator: Principles of Teaching and Learning (2nd Edition). Burlington: Jones & Bartlett Learning.