Research Information
Research Months  

The residency program allows for a limited number of months to be dedicated to research activities. After the demand of clinical rotations is satisfied, a certain number of research month electives will be made available. The number of months available to each residency class as well as to each individual will be determined by the program directorship. Typically, residents can request up to one month for research in a given academic year, although on rare occasions, residents may apply for more than one month as a research elective.  In these circumstances, residents must justify that their project requires additional time and must also have demonstrated some productivity towards accomplishing their research goal.

Applicants must be aware that a request for a research month elective, particularly if more than one month is requested, may require forgoing other elective months (i.e., outpatient month, board review month, South Africa rotation, etc.).

Residents requesting an elective research month(s) are required to submit a research proposal by February 1st, preceding the academic year when they propose to perform the research.  Each proposal includes a completed application form, a detailed letter of support from the resident's research mentor, and a timeline for completion of the research project.  Additional information specific to this research elective opportunity can be provided by the Chief Resident.

The nature of the research activity proposed by the resident can be of various types. The review committee as well as the residency leadership is looking for research projects that seek to answer a question/hypothesis or provide new or useful information to a field. This elective month cannot be used simply for writing a case report to enhance a fellowship application. The resident researcher should ideally be able to complete their project and reach conclusions that can then be presented in some forum, such as the ACP chapter or national meeting, a subspecialty meeting or publication in a journal.
Application Process  
The request for a research month elective must be submitted to Shannon Thomsen by the deadline noted on the application forms. Applications will be reviewed by a subcommittee composed of members of the Department's Research Council in addition to one of the residency program co-directors. All applications will be reviewed for completeness and merit. Those applicants with a well-defined research plan and evidence of mentor support will be given priority
Receiving Credit  

Scholarly activity is a requirement for residency, and ACGME requires scholarly activity reports on each resident.  To receive credit, log your scholarly activity in New Innovations with as much detail as possible. When you login to New Innovations, go to "Portfolio", then "Scholarly Activity."  When logging activities, you should also upload your abstract in New Innovations


Research Support

The Department of Medicine Research Council will maintain a database of faculty with a willingness or demonstrated ability to mentor residents, such that any resident seeking a mentor can review this database. Alternatively, if a mentor and/or a field of interest are already selected by the resident, the Research Council will serve as a point of contact to assist the resident in obtaining needed resources (i.e., basic science collaborators, assistance with statistical support, etc.). The Department is willing to assist the resident in any way possible, available resources permitting.


If you have any additional questions or simply need some assistance, please feel free to contact: Dr. Debra Romberger, 402-559-7539 or Ted Mikuls, Vice Chair for Research, at 402-559-8168.  For questions regarding IRB issues, please contact Gail Paulsen, 402-559-3853.

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