Kate Muir, DO


Kate Muir

Westbury, NY

Where did you go for Undergraduate and Medical School?
Molloy College for Undergrad
New York College of Osteopathic Medicine for Medical School

Career aspirations:
Undecided, Infectious Disease vs Hem/Onc

What was your first job?
Babysitter at a gym

What is the furthest you've travelled from Omaha?
Cape Town, South Africa

If you couldn't work in medicine, what would you do?
Open a cupcake shop called CupKates

Best thing to do in Nebraska if you only had one day?
Tailgate at a Husker game, on the drive back to Omaha stop at the outlets, then the Holy Family Shrine. Once back in Omaha, have an awesome steak at The Drover.

Most fond residency experience or memory up to this point?
There are so many. Overall, getting to work with my husband and my best friends every day is pretty awesome.  Single memory has to be watching Now and Then on a call day int he lounge and eating ice cream with plastic knives because we couldn't find other utensils.