Quinn Kirchner MD


Quinn Kirchner

Oconto Falls, Wisconsin
Where did you go for Undergraduate and medical school?
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Career aspirations?
Critical care medicine
What was your first job?              
Lawn mowing and weed whacking entrepreneur
What is the furthest you've travelled from Omaha? (Why did you go there!?)                   
Panama and Costa Rica for a two week medical mission...it's the reason I decided to go to medical school!
If you couldn't work in medicine, what would you do?                   
I'd grow a glorious beard and become a mountain man in the Canadian wilderness, tending to forest critters and hunting grizz. For a clearer picture of these aspirations, watch the movie Jeremiah Johnson.
Best thing to do in Nebraska if you only had one day?                   
Check out the Old Market and then mosey on over to the Lauritzen Gardens....you might as well just go to the zoo while you're at it.

Most fond residency experience or memory up to this point?                   
So far my most fond memory has been getting to know and hang out with my fellow residents. They're an amazing group of human beings that have made my brief time in Omaha worth its weight in gold...if time could be weighed, that is.