Michael AshMichael Ash, MD
Vice Chancellor, IT

Dr. Michael Ash is the senior executive for the Information Technology department and establishes the overall vision and strategic direction for the Information Technology department



Brian LancasterBrian Lancaster
Vice President, IT

Brian Lancaster provides coordination and oversight of the delivery of the highest quality information technology to the enterprise. Technology that is critical to deliver upon Nebraska Medicine and UNMC’s shared mission statement to lead the world in transforming lives to create a healthy future for all individuals and communities through premier educational programs, innovative research and extraordinary patient care.


Marc FergusonMarc Ferguson
Executive Director, IT Operations

Marc Ferguson is focused on the day-to-day operations of the IT department, with an emphasis on the delivery of services (e.g. service desk, workstation support, and data center) and the infrastructure (e.g. voice, data, video networks, servers) required for UNMC and Nebraska Medicine to operate.  This area is staffed with the roles that coordinate, implement, maintain and continually improve data center operations, systems, networks and end-user support services.  Marc provides executive leadership over two distinct areas; technology experience that is focused on support services and infrastructure that is focused on maintaining the voice, data, video networks and servers required to operate. 

Joel HovdenesJoel Hovdenes
Director, Technology Experience

Joel Hovdenes leads the areas focused on the delivery of support services to the enterprise.  These services include the service desk, workstation support and data center operation teams and is responsible for ensuring the highest levels of end user satisfaction.  Additionally, he is responsible for providing solid IT business continuity and disaster recovery plans as well as coordinating the usage of technology as well as supporting events, distance learning and telehealth activities.    Furthermore, he has focus on the day to day operations of our learning environments and will be providing the support for instructional technologies. 

Jeff BergholzJeff Bergholz
Director, Infrastructure

Jeff Bergholz leads teams of technical disciplines across all aspects of the core technology required by the enterprise.  This includes systems administration, storage management, active directory and authentication services and voice, data and video networks.   These resources drive projects and change management processes to ensure organizational goals are met related to the support of high availability data, voice, and video networks as well as the server infrastructure.  He is focused on ensuring that the internal technical operations of the IT department are optimized across networking, servers, video, and telecommunications.



Nicole BeckerNicole Becker
Director, DevOps

Nicole Becker is responsible for the teams that design, develop and maintain custom developed and commercially available systems that support the academic, research and clinical missions of UNMC and Nebraska Medicine.  Her areas are responsible for consulting and advising academic, research, and clinical stakeholders on application and system development needs.  They are directly accountable for the development of systems that support internal web and client applications and applications unique to the needs of our enterprise. 

Tim Ultican
Director, Data Warehousing & Analytics

Tim Ultican leads a department of ETL engineers, BI engineers, data quality engineers, data scientists and analytics developers that are responsible for delivering meaningful dashboards, analytics and reports to the enterprise.   He is responsible for delivering information in a fast-paced, multi-system environment.  His primary responsibility is on leadership for the team that designs, develops and maintains the enterprise data warehouse that is comprised of data marts, ETL database functions, and BI reporting tools on an enterprise basis.  This includes the collection and management of data from disparate systems that provides the information for operational, financial and clinical insights to stakeholders across the enterprise. 

Donna WeisDonna Weis
Director, Clinical Information Systems

Donna Weis is responsible for the successful delivery and management of information systems that meet the needs of the clinical enterprise.  This includes the implementation, design, and maintenance of information systems used to improve the operations of Nebraska Medicine.  These systems include electronic health record systems, ancillary systems (LIS, RIS, PACS, etc), enterprise resource planning systems (HRIS, GL, Procurement, etc), interoperability, integration and data aggregation systems (Interface Engine, HIE, HL7 FHIR, MDI etc) as well as many other systems deployed in support of the organization.

Brian Fox
Director, Administrative Operations 

Brian Fox leads the area that plans, directs, organizes, coordinates, and manages a broad range of financial and business management services for the Information Technology department.  This includes planning, execution and control activities related to the Information Technology department.  The primary accountability for this area is the development, implementation, and optimization efforts in support of administrative and operational process methodologies to prioritize capital and operating expense investments that aligns with overall goals and objectives of the enterprise.  This includes the delivery of administrative business systems, administrative planning, investment prioritization & allocation, portfolio management, project management, systematic evaluation & analysis support for the benefit of UNMC and Nebraska Medicine. 

Lisa BazisLisa Bazis
Chief Information Security Officer

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is charged with the responsibility for building an information security-conscious enterprise culture and maintaining a secure infrastructure that complies with federal and state information security, clinical, research and higher education policies and regulations. The CISO serves as the campus representative for all UNMC and Nebraska Medicine information security initiatives, is a key member of the Computer Incident Response Team and leads information security audits and incidents and provides timely response and corrective action.

Dan MoserDan Moser, Ph.D.
Director, Academic Technologies

Dr. Moser oversees the development, standardization, deployment, and management of UNMC-wide purchases of software and other information systems required for support of education and research programs. He is responsible for the end-to-end integration of technologies to support the delivery of services across UNMC and in close coordination with Nebraska Medicine and the University of Nebraska campuses in a highly matrix and integrated structure.

Harry Wines
IT Architect, Infrastructure

Harry Wines serves as the leader for our enterprise’s infrastructure architecture.  He is responsible for the ensuring the Information Technology architecture meets UNMC and Nebraska Medicine’s long-term needs for the data, voice and video networks and server infrastructure.  He is working on enabling enterprise and IT leaders to make investment decisions that balance and prioritize current technical operational demands, disruptions, and opportunities with the longer-term strategic vision of the enterprise. 

Audrey HoneycuttAudrey Honeycutt
IT Architect, Data

Audrey Honeycutt serves as the leader for our enterprise’s data architecture.  She is responsible for ensuring the Information Technology architecture meets UNMC and Nebraska Medicine’s long-term needs for data warehousing and analytics.  This includes understanding current operational systems and translating the data from those systems into useful information to support our needs to improve operational, financial and clinical outcomes.