Initial Password Reset

Reset Your Initial Password from Off-Campus (UNMC faculty, staff, students)

UNMC faculty, staff and students are automatically given a UNMC NetID when they become an employee or an enrolled student.  This gives you access to the campus network drives and printers, Outlook email, Blackboard, UNMC Intranet, Employee Services, McGoogan Library electronic resources and other UNMC systems in which you have access.

You must reset your initial password.

NetID Format.  Typically follows the format of firstname.lastname, however, your department administrator or their designee will provide you with this information as it may not follow this format exactly in the case of duplicate names.

System Generated Password.  A system password is generated in the following format:

* lowercase first letter of legal first name
* followed by lowercase first two letters of last name
* followed by first three letters of birth month (first letter uppercase, second and third letter lowercase)
* followed by numeric day of birth (2 numbers – proceed single number dates with a zero)

Password Examples

* The password for Bob Smith whose legal first name is Robert and was born on November 8 would be rsmNov08
* The password for Mary Jones who was born on July 25 would be mjoJul25

From your Internet Browser type in:

Enter your NetID and the system generated password; select UNMC-Email/Limited.

You will be prompted to change your password.

Change Password

Your password change will apply to the following applications:

** This does not change the password to Firefly, the University of Nebraska’s Employee Self Service system for leave requests, benefits, payroll information, etc.

You can then access UNMC’s Outlook Email and Intranet from off-campus. For assistance contact the ITS Helpdesk at 402-559-7700