NetID Secondary Notification

Secondary Notificaiton

In an effort to further secure your UNMC NetID account against unauthorized access, you will be asked to register up to two additional methods for receiving password reset alerts.  Currently, employees are only notified of password changes/resets through their email.     

This secondary account registration screen (pictured above) will start appearing on Friday, May 15 when you log into an application such as Employee Services to renew your parking, as an example.   You will be asked to enter a cell phone for text messages and/or a personal email account.  You will only need to enter this information one time. 

Once you provide secondary notification information, you will receive password reset alerts via text message and/or an email to your personal email account when you reset your password from the “I forgot my password” link at

Forgot My Password

Changing your Password Reset Notification

To change your Password Reset Notification information, log into to to

  1. Change my password
  2. Scroll down to the Password Reset Notification information and enter your new notification information.
  3. Save