Scheduling Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are scheduled through the Outlook calendar.

All of the conference rooms EXCEPT 0.12.101, 0.12.102, 0.12.103, 4.12.1203, 9.12.330, 9.12.314 and 10.12.330 are first-come-first-serve. The Outlook system will not allow the room to be double-booked.

Room(s) 0.12.101, 0.12.102, 0.12.103, 4.12.1203, 9.12.330, 9.12.314 and 10.12.330 require approval for use. Select the room to schedule; you will receive an email stating "Your request is tentative". Once the room request has been approved you will receive a second email stating "Your request was accepted".

Skype for Business is the primary web conferencing application being utilized in the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center. More information about Skype for Business.


    1. Scheduling the room only
    2. Scheduling the room AND a Skype for Business meeting