Conference Call Options

Several conference call options are available.

Six or less participants.

  1. Digital phones can accommodate up to 6 callers.  The caller initiates the call to all participants using the 'conference' feature on the phone set.  No prior setup is required.
  2. "Meet Me Conferencing" is available for a one-time setup of $100.   After your "Meet Me Conferencing" setup is complete you will be assigned access codes enabling you to have a virtual conference room at your disposal. You can have up to six callers connected (including the originator), works from any phone, on or off-campus.  It is a convenient way to conduct meetings while reducing travel both on an off-campus.
    1. Request "Meet Me Conferencing" Capabilities through eServ

Additional Options from UNL

Following is the explanation of our three conference call options from UNL.  (Information provided by Kristy Kennedy at 402-472-3711)

Email conference operator at

Option 1: Toll-free conference call.  Unlimited amount of ports, but let UNL know if you expect more than 100.

Our most secure option, everyone dials into a toll-free number, and they will hear "please enter your code, followed by the # sign."  The host or chairperson of the call uses the assigned moderator code.  They will have the option to record the call, mute attendees, lock the conference call to prevent anyone else from joining the call, etc. (these options and instructions will be forwarded to you along with the number and codes when the call has been set up). 

There is a second code, which you would distribute to the attendees/participants.

If the participant is the first person on the call, they will hear music until the moderator joins.  The moderator or “subscriber” must join the call before anyone is able to converse.

This  is an automated system.  There is a virtually unlimited amount of ports, so as many callers as needed can call in, though we do ask that  you let us know if you expect more than 100. There is also no time restriction, so you may begin the call at any time you wish, and may remain on the line for as long as needed.  This is the most convenient type of call for after-hours and weekend calls.

If you wish, this can be a one-time call or you may have an "open" account, which you use at your leisure (no need to schedule with the conference operator).  Things to consider when choosing an open account:

    1. Will I need to provide different cost centers, depending on who the call is for?
    2. Will I have concurrent calls (2 groups needing separate calls at the same time)?
    3. Is there a need for security (different codes for every call)?

If the answer is yes to any of these, then the open option is probably not right for you, and you would want to set up a one-time toll free call.

Please note that international callers cannot dial into U.S. toll-free numbers.  If you are anticipating an international caller, please let the operator know which country they will be calling from, and you will be provided with a number for them to call.  They would still enter the attendee code to enter the call.

Our toll-free conference calls (whether you choose “one-time” or “open”) are billed at .05 cents per minute, per caller to the cost center provided to us for billing purposes.

Option 2:  Local meet-me bridge :There is a limit of 30 phone lines.

Everyone dials into a local university number (402-472-xxxx) at the assigned time.  Those on campus would dial 2-xxxx, those off campus would dial 402-472-xxxx, and anyone calling long distance would dial 1-402-472-xxxx, and be responsible for their own long distance charges.  These lines are shared, so when scheduling with the operator, we will need the start time, and the approximate length of the call.  

The first person calling in will not hear anything, they will need to remain on the line until someone else joins the call.  If the first person hangs up before someone else joins the call, this breaks the bridge, and any subsequent callers will get a busy tone or error message.  Someone will need to contact the conference operator at (402) 472-3711 to request the bridge be reset.

The charge for this type of call is $5 to your cost center  (callers pay their own long distance, if applicable).

Option 3: Operator-assisted call

If for some reason a participant cannot dial in themselves, the operator would be more than happy to call each one and bring them into the conference call. This is billed at .15 cents per minute, per caller and a $10 set-up fee. One caution: the more participants there are, the longer it takes for the operator to connect all parties, especially if we have a wrong number or if a participant is not immediately available when the operator calls. We ask that you give us as much notice as possible when arranging this type of call (at least 24 hours, if possible).

When requesting a call, please email the conference operator at and include the following information:

If using Option 1:
       Name and contact phone number of the requester
       One time call (date?) or Open (reservation-less) account
       Cost Center

If using Option 2:
       Name and contact phone number of the requester
       Date, Time, Length of call
       Cost Center
       (Again, there is a limit of 30 lines)

If using Option 3:
       Name and contact phone number of the requester
       Names and phone numbers for all parties to be connected
       Date and start time
       Cost Center

The conference operator will reply to your email with instructions for your call(s).