Instructional Technologies

Consultation & Institutionally Supported Educational Tool Experts

As a centralized campus resource, the Instructional Technologies staff within Information Technology is committed to providing consultation to enhance educational outcomes by advocating the appropriate integration and adoption of technology (tools) in instruction and curriculum. Our team serves as experts who mentor our community of educators and learners through the process of identifying skills, necessary knowledge and gaps of the targeted learning audience. In collaboration with the SME (Subject Matter Expert) the team recommends learning experiences / suitable technologies and tools to close the identified gaps, supported educational theory and best practices. In addition to our instructional Design consultative services the staff serves as institutionally supported educational tools experts.


Melissa Diers
Senior Instructional Designer

Julie Gregg
Instructional Designer 

Michael Kozak
Instructional Designer 

Matt Rutledge
Instructional Technologist


Learning Management Systems 

Classroom and Personal Video Capture

Assessment & Exam Tools

Audience Response Systems Screen Sharing and Wireless Presentation 
Media Storage College Specific Resources  

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