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Blackboard (Bb) is UNMC's Learning Management System.  It is compatible with all major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome) on both Windows and Macs. Using your web browser, you may access Bb by using this URL:  Here you will be prompted to enter a username and password. To login, use your NET ID username and password.

UNMC is also exploring Canvas.  Read more about this initiative HERE.


Request a Bb Course

UNMC Blackboard courses are created upon request from the instructor.  If you would like a Bb course shell created, please email  Include the Course Name, Course ID and instructor names.

Bb Access for Non-UNMC participants:
There are two options to requesting UNMC Blackboard access for non-UNMC participants (Nebraska Medicine employees are not eligible for UNMC Blackboard unless they have a volunteer faculty appointment at UNMC)

 OPTION ONE: Participants that come from institutions which participant in InCommon ( The participant will initially need to request a UNMC Blackboard account which uses InCommon:

 Navigate to:

  2. Click “request New Account”
  3. Or directly navigate to:

  1. Select institution from drop down list
  2. Click “Next”
  3. Complete the prompted information

Once the request has been processed by UNMC (depending upon the volume of requests, usually within two to three business days). Instructor should enroll the student enrolled in the course and notify the student.

The student would authenticate to Blackboard:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click “Sign in using InCommon”
  3. Click the common identity provider if displayed, if the common identity provider is not displayed type the institution name in the empty field
  4. Click “Search”
  5. Login using your home institutions login credentials

OPTION TWO:  Non UNMC participant obtaining Blackboard access from institutions which do NOT participant in InCommon:

 Participant will need to complete the UNMC Guest Account Request Form:

    Account Details: Primary purpose of account:
    Sponsor Information:
    Sponsor: UNMC Instructor’s name
  2. The Sponsor is required to send email to:
    Within the message indicate why the person needs Blackboard and approving access.
  3. Once the request has been processed (depending upon the volume of requests, usually within two to three business days).
    a. The student will receive two emails:
    Email message #1 will include the username
    Email message # 2 will include the password
    b. The participant will need to be enrolled in the course by the Instructor. The sponsor will be notified when the access to Blackboard completed.

Tutorials and Training Videos


UNMC Specific

UNMC Testing Best Practices
On Demand Learning Center for Students

BB Student course enrollment utilizing SIS (Student Information System: PeopleSoft)


Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series (BITS)

General Help

Adding Contact Information
Making a course available/unavailable

Testing Tools

Create a test
Adding questions to a test
Build a Pool of questions
Create random block of questions
Anonymous grading
Search and add questions to a test
Faculty Guide to Mobile Testing

Grade Center

Downloading Grades
Downloading Assignments
Changing Letter grade display and adding new grading schema 
Customize views
Smart Views
Grading Rubrics
Color coding
Grade question by question
Anonymous Grading
Extra Credit 

Adding Content

Add announcement
Uploading .zip or Presenter files
The Text Editor
Add a blank page
Creating Content in a Course Area
The Assignment Tool
Safe Assignment
Glossary Terms
Lesson Plans
Adaptive Release
Creating a Mashup

Communication Tools

Sending email to students
Starting a Discussion Board forum
About the Discussion Board
Creating Forums in the Discussion Board
Creating Threads in the Discussion Board
Creating Group Discussions
Participating in the Discussion Board
Managing Discussions

Grading Discussion Board Participation

Viewing Discussion Board Statistics

Managing Courses

Content Components Editing and Customizing including the course menu and general layout.
Exporting/Importing a course
Guest access
Turning tools off/on
Tool link in menu or content area


Viewing course roster
Setting up groups
User activity reports
Monitor student performance