Content Capture (Echo360)

Echo 360 is UNMC's content capture system.  The system enables faculty to record audio, course visuals, and optional video for students to review in digital format. This provides students with a powerful tool that can be used for review, or to supplement materials covered in class, or to provide instruction that is entirely web-based.  Students will have the ability to seek forward or back in a presentation to particular segments of the captured session.  The captures can be viewed via a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari), and/or be downloaded to a computer or mobile device.

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There are three types of content capture:

All types of content capture require scheduling 72 hours prior to the scheduled event.

  1. Personal capture
    Records content and presentations on your MAC or Windows computer front he convenience of your office. Once installed Personal capture can record audio, video and computer content. You have the ability to complete basic editing and then when you are on the UNMC campus upload the recorded content
  2. Classroom capture - archive
    Captures classroom interaction / lecture automatically.
    Captures the classroom interactions / lecture  (the video, amplified audio (instructor microphone) and the computer (VGA) image). Once the processing has completed, the capture will automatically be available in the specified BlackBoard course under "EchoCenter" in the Blackboard or Canvas navigation menu. 
  3. Classroom live webcast
    Classroom live webcasts the video, amplified audio and the computer image from the classroom to an audience viewing via a web browser.
    Prior the webcast a URL will be emailed to you to distribute to the intended audience.

Supported Browsers:

The manufacture of Echo360 states the general goal is to support the last two versions for the major browsers for each platform (Windows, Mac, or Linux) at the time of initial deployment, as shown below. Echo360 develops using industry standards so other browsers may work, but we do not fully test or support them.  

Operating System Internet Explorer  9+ (including IE 11)
FireFox 28+   Chrome 34+
Safari 6.0
Windows 7 and 8.1 Supported Supported Supported Not Supported
Mac OS X 10.9 Not Supported Supported Supported Supported
Linux Red Hat 6 Not Supported Supported Not Supported

Not Supported


Locations with content capture technology


Every session will need to be scheduled prior to the class time / event. Please contact one of the following individuals at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled class time to schedule the classroom capture. Supply the room location, duration of requested classroom capture, any information in regards to reoccurring scheduling information, Required: Blackboard Course ID.

Medical Students 
Kathryn Dybdall email
Office of Medical Education

All Other Colleges / Students / Events
Matthew Rutledge - email
Information Technology Services, Learning Environment & Internet Services
Annex 10 (Business Service Center/4230 Building)