Migration to Office 365 Email

Office 365

On Monday,  October 31, UNMC and Nebraska Medicine will complete their migration to Office 365 email.  This includes all shared calendars and resources.

Different Log-In

You will now log in with your full UNMC email address: user@unmc.edu.  You will no longer use unmc_domain/user name.

UNMC Office 365 Login

Web Access (on and off-campus)

The new link to access your email from a web browser is http://365.unmc.edu/. Links on the Intranet will be updated, but you will have to update your bookmarks or desktop shortcuts yourself.

Do I have to use VPN to access my email?

No.  VPN is no longer needed. With your email moved to the cloud, you will no longer use http://secure.unmc.edu/unmc to access email from off-campus. Outlook Mobile App

You will always go to http://365.unmc.edu/.

Mobile Devices

You may have to delete and re-add your mail profile.  You only need to enter your UNMC email and password; and no longer need to enter a server or domain name.  If these are hard coded in your current mail setup, you will have to delete the profile and re-add it using your full email address and password.

Two options are available your mobile device:

      1. The mail app that comes on your device (called the native app); or
      2. The Outlook app.  IT recommends using the Outlook app as this is the one that Microsoft updates and you will have a more consistent mobile mail experience.

For further information, go to this Microsoft help link for full instructions, depending on your mobile device.


You will need t o delete and re-add Nebraska Medicine employee's whom you've given access to  shared resources.  If you need further assistance you can call the Help Desk at 402-559-7700

Desktop / Workstation

Do I need to do anything on my workstation?

The only thing you need to do is to re-launch (close and open) your Outlook client on your desktop. You may be asked to log in with your ID and password. Please use your email ID and password and you should be ready to use your email.

Why am I getting prompted for my user name and password on my outlook client multiple times?

If you have multiple mailbox resources in your outlook client you will be prompted to log into each one.

What will happen to my folders where emails are sorted?

They will not change. You will still have them.