Rooms and Resources - Access and Permissions

Rooms and Resources

Rooms and resources are a type of shared account and they appear in the Outlook address book.Open Calendar

The Owner of the room or resource

Opens Room Resource

  1. Home tab > Calendar view > Open Calendar
  2. Select “From room list”
  3. Search for your room (generally by dept first… ITS… CON, etc.)
  4. OK
  5. The room will now appear under your calendarsRoom Lists

Owner Grant Permissions

  1. Check the box of the room you want to change permissions
  2. Right click roomRoom Permissions
  3. Properties > Permissions > Add >
  4. Select individual(s) from address book
  5. Select desired permission level (Editor is needed for individuals to place meetings directly on the room calendar.  Note the default setting is “none”, so if you want anyone to be able to see free/busy you will need to change the default permission.)
  6. Apply > Ok

 Other’s Accessing the Room

Once editor access is given to an individual they can open the room through their calendar by going through steps 1-5.