Shared Email Accounts

Access, Delegation, and Send on Behalf  for Shared Email Accounts

A shared email account is a generic email account that can be accessed by multiple people.  They do not have a password, but rather are accessed from your own Outlook email account.

1. Request a shared account.  Once you receive notification that your shared account has been created, you will need to 'dock' it in your Outlook Inbox

2. Adding the Shared Account.  File - Account Settings - Account Settings

Account Settings

Account Settings

3..  Change


4. More Settings...

More Settings

5. Advanced


6. Add


9. Enter Shared Account name in the box provided -  - Press Ok

Select shared account

11. The shared email account will appear under your 'favorites' on the left menu.  It will appear towards the bottom, but you can drag it up or down to a preferred location


Delegating Access to Others

First right click on the Mail Box of the generic account and select folder permissions and proceed adding names for those who will need to access the account

Send on Behalf Access

In order to send messages from that account and have it appear to come from the shared account, you must have “Send on behalf” access. This is done at the time the shared account is requested and setup. If you need to change the Send on Behalf access, this can be done through the online form.

When sending a new message or replying to a message you’ve received, you will need to select “from” in the drop down menu and select the generic account name.  Otherwise the messages will appear to be from you, rather than the generic account name.   

If you do not see the “from” in the drop down box you will need to add it.

Shared Email Send on Behalf

Shared Email Send on Behalf

Send on behalf