OneDrive and Manager Access

Department administrators will now have access to a separated employee's OneDrive.

DART Presentation - June 2017

About OneDrive

One of the more common questions, is "Can a manager access OneDrive data for a separated employee?"  The answer is now, yes, but only for a limited time.

Timeframe to Access Data

ITS and Human Resources have established a process to allow department administrators to access a separated employee’s OneDrive files.

  1. Day 1 of separation... the separated employee’s account is INACTIVATED.
  2. Day 30 after separation…. the separated employee's account is DELETED.
  3. Day 31 after separation… the department administrator will be notified by email that they are the temporary owner of the separated employee's OneDrive.
  4. Day 53 after separation... the department administrator will be notied by email that the separated employee's OneDrive data will be deleted in seven (7) days.
  5. Day 60 after separation… OneDrive data is deleted by Microsoft.

Accessing a separated employee's OneDrive files

Once notified, the administrator should check to see if data is available.

  1. Log into Office 365
  2. Enter your full email address:  UNMC and password.
  3. Click on the url that was provided in the original email. At the bottom it will say “Go To User’s OneDrive for Business at user’s url.”.
  4. All user’s OneDrive files will be listed.
  5. Review data to determine what should be maintained.

Assigning a different temporary owner

If you want someone else in your department to review the data, ITS will need to assign a different temporary owner.

This should be someone who is knowledgeable of the data and can make decisions as to whether the data should be saved.  It should not be your IT support person.

Forward the email to and request an additional temporary owner.

Include the person's email address and their first and last name.

View or Download

Download files 

  1. Click on individual files and download each;or
  2. Click on multiple files/folders can be selected. 
  3. Click 'Download' along the top menu bar.  
  4. The files can be saved to local computer or a department share. It will be a zip file if multiple folders and the file/folder structure are the same.

Upload files

  1. Upload files to a new location if desired.  Upload Files - watch video

If you need additional assistance, please contact the helpdesk at 9-7700 or

Special Circumstances or Accessing an ACTIVE employee's OneDrive

OneDrive access has been added to the special circumstance process.

Access to an ACTIVE employee's OneDrive data requires approval from Human Resources.

Changing the administrator contact in active directory

If you need to change the administrator contact for your area, contact

Alice Weyant

Kris Hammond