OneDrive for Business is a part of Office 365OneDrive for Business

NOTE:  Office 365 Storage and Office 365 Pro Plus applications are not approved solutions for export controlled information.

The documents you place on your OneDrive for Business are only available to you, unless you decide to share them with others within the organization.

What you should know about your OneDrive for Business

  1. This is a cloud storage solution where the data is stored off-site in the United States.
  2. It is HIPAA compliant.
  3. Deleted documents are available for 90 days in the recycle bin and then they are deleted permanently. 
  4. ITS cannot recover permanently deleted documents.

To Login:  (use your full email as your ID)


  1.  How to Use One Drive for Business (Video and Documentation from Microsoft)
  2. Once you are in UNMC's One Drive for Business, search for Help Center.  This is where UNMC's documentation is maintained.
  3. Other training and how to instructions are available by searching the Microsoft site.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is OneDrive for Business and how do I get started? How do I get OneDrive for Business? 
    • Microsoft OneDrive for Business is UNMC's HIPAA compliant cloud based solution. 
    • All active UNMC employees and enrolled students have access to OneDrive for Business.
  2. How much disk space do I get on OneDrive? 
    • Everyone receives five (5) Terabyte of document storage.
  3. Can drive space be increased?
    • No. Microsoft has no mechanism to increase OneDrive space.                                
  4. Where is the data stored?
    • This is a ‘cloud’ storage solution where data is stored off-site in the United States.
    • OneDrive for Business is not approved solutions for export controlled information. 
  5. Is my data backed up?
    • No. Deleted files are moved to a Recycle bin and can be retrieved within 90 days.
  6. Are there any options for an initial bulk uploading of files?
    • No, although multiple files can be moved at one time by clicking and dragging them to OneDrive for Business.
  7. Can I use OneDrive for Business for documents with HIPAA or FERPA protected data?
    • Yes.  OneDrive for Business is HIPAA and FERPA compliant.  Although users should still use caution in the type of data stored as well as with whom the data is shared.  OneDrive for Business is the only cloud based document storage solution endorsed by UNMC Information Technology Services. 
  8. Can I share files with users outside of UNMC?
    • Yes, you can share files with any user whose company has Microsoft 365.  The user must have a Microsoft account, like or
  9. If I separate from the organization, can I take my data files with me?
    • UNMC owns the data and you will need permission to take any data with you. If permission is received, you will need to move them off OneDrive before you leave. Once your account is disabled OneDrive will be inaccessible.                                                                           
  10.  If I separate from the organization, can someone else from my department have access to my files?
    • Yes.  Your department administrator will be given temporary access to your UNMC OneDrive data.  Similary to how department can access data on a file server h: drive.
  11.  Will new employees be setup with OneDrive instead of with personals space on a departmental file server?
    • Both options will be setup at this time.  OneDrive is not intended to completely replace file shares.
    • Students will only have access to OneDrive.
  12.  Will existing employees be transitioned to their OneDrive for Business for personal storage? Or given the option?
    • At this time there is no mandate to move files to the OneDrive space. It is a unit specific decision.
  13.  Can I map a drive letter to my OneDrive? 
    • Yes, but ITS does not recommending mapping OneDrive to a letter drive.
  14.  How do I tell who I have shared a document with?
    • Highlight the file name and select the "group" symbol (looks like 3 users). You can see who you have shared a file with from here. You can also click the 3 dots next to the file name and it will open up "Share with" section.
  15.  Can OneDrive do real-time online collaboration?
    • Yes, OneDrive can do real-time online collaboration. You have to open the document in Office Web Apps. In the upper right hand corner, you will see when someone is also editing the file. You will see a flag while the other person is typing.
  16.  Can I create a new document in the browser?
    • Yes, you can create a new document by clicking on "new document" in the main area of your document repository. It will automatically use Office Web Apps to create the document. You can switch to using your "full" Office application (e.g. Word) by going to the File menu and click on "open in Word". This will give you the full functionality of your local Office apps.
  17.  Is it possible to view my documents in a “Windows Explore” format if that is more convenient for me to drag and drop files?
    • Yes, at the Home Screen click ‘Library” (upper left side). That will open the ‘ribbon’. Click the “Open with Explore” button.
  18. What file types cannot be uploaded to OneDrive for Business?
    • Notably .exe and .shtm. Visit Microsoft for a complete list.
  19.  What characters cannot be used in OneDrive?
    • Invalid file or folder name characters in OneDrive for Business on Office 365 include % * : < > ? / \ | Visit Microsoft for a complete list.