UNMC Information Technology Services provides voice services to UNMC and Nebraska Medicine.

The buttons to the right provide quick access to some of the most common phone requests.

Five Digit Dialing within the UNMC Campus (Including Kearney)

The organization utilizes five digit extensions for campus dialing (Dialing between on-campus phones). To determine the extension number of a phone number, take the last five digits of the number (i.e. 402-559-xxxx, 402-552-xxxx, 402-596-xxxx, 402-384-xxxx, or 380-865-xxxx)

Dialing Internal Extensions on the UNK Campus (Kearney Location Only)

The College of Nursing and School of Allied Health Professions located at Kearney may also contact extensions on the Main UNK campus by dialing the last five digits of their number (i.e. 308-865-xxxx). For calls from the Main UNK Campus to The College of Nursing and School of Allied Health Professions Building, they will use the last four digits of their number (i.e. 308-865-xxxx)

10 Digit Dialing for Local Calls

UNMC/Nebraska Medicine is in the local Omaha/Council Bluffs calling area. The local Area Codes are 402, 531, 712 and require 10 digit dialing for a call to be completed.

*Kearney Location Only – Utilizes 7 digits dialing for local calls within the Kearney Area.

Long Distance and International Calling

Charges apply for all Long Distance and International Calling.   Area codes outside of the Local Calling area are considered Long Distance.

Long Distance charges will apply when the call is completed. If your phone is equipped with a call-log feature and you place a Long Distance call using your call-log, charges will apply even though you did not dial a one.

Please note: Omaha/Council Bluffs reside in a InterLATA calling area which means there are 402, 531, and 712 numbers that will also be considered Long Distance (i.e. Calls to Lincoln, Nebraska; calls to Logan, Iowa; etc.)