Pulse Secure for Mac

1. Introduction

The Pulse Secure client is an option for secured remote access and requires the user be approved for this special level of access.  The first time it is used, a small client will need to be installed.  Appropriate user rights must exist on the computer in order to complete this installation and appropriate group memberships for customers must be granted.

You will automatically disconnect after 4 hours - prompting re-authentication.  You will also be prompted to re-authenticate after 15 minutes of system inactivity.

2.  Minimum System Requirements

  1. A Mac
  2. Access to an Internet Service Provider (in your home, at a hotel, etc.)
  3. Computer should have the latest patches and have current antivirus software
  4. 10 MB of hard disk space
  5. 128MB of memory

3.  User Requirements. Users of Pulse Secure must have:

  1. An Entrust Grid Card or Token
  2. Requested and been approved to be in the Junos Pulse Active Directory Security Group
  3. If you do not have a) or b) contact the ITS helpdesk at 402-559-7700 (Option 1)

 4.  Installing Pulse Secure

  1. Install Pulse Secure from the eServ secured software download page at https://net.unmc.edu/eserv/
  2. Select ITS > ITSDownloads.  Follow the instructions for Junos Pulse.