Logging In

  1. Open your  internet browser.
  2. Log in at your respective site:

    Employees of...

    Log in at...

    UNMC https://secure.unmc.edu/unmc

    Nebraska Medicine


    Nebraska Medicine-Bellevue

    Children's Hospital https://secure.unmc.edu/chmc
    Physician Portal Access https://secure.unmc.edu/doctor
    Medical Staff (referring providers) https://secure.unmc.edu/nebloc
    Clarkson College https://secure.unmc.edu/cc
  3. Enter your computer logon and password.UNMC Secure Remote Access
  4. Select the Realm or Access Choice (dropdown) based upon the organization you are affiliated with:
    1. UNMC choose UNMC-Full Access
    2. Nebraska Medicine choose TNMC Strong
  5. Click the Sign In button.
  6. Enter your Entrust Grid Card Coordinates
    UNMC Grid Coordinates
    Grid Card
  7. Click Sign In
  8. Pulse Secure or AnyConnect will download, install and launch.
  9. Customize your landing page if you want.