Remote Desktop Setup

Remoting into your work computer is setup under the "Terminal Sessions" heading. This will be blank the first time you log-in and can be setup to access your office computer using Remote Desktop.  When you use remote desktop, everything looks and feels exactly as it does when you are at your work computer.

Your office computer must be set up in order to use remote desktop.   

  1. From your work computer, go to Start > Control Panel > (or Start > Settings > Control Panel).  Click “System”.
  2. Click on the “Remote” tab.
  3. Check the box to “Allow users to connect remotely to this computer”
  4. Make note of the “Full Computer Name” listed in the “Remote Desktop” portion of the same screen.
  5. Users must be in a computer’s Remote Desktop Users list in order to have Remote Access to a computer.  Any user that is a member of a computer’s Administrators Group also automatically has Remote Access to a computer (even if they are not listed in the Remote Desktop Users list).  By default, most users are already an Administrator on their OWN computer so this step may NOT be required.
  6. You can also use your computer’s IP address.  Launch a browser and type in the following address:
  7. Write this number down as you will need this in the following steps. (Please be cognizant of DHCP lease renewals).

Add a Terminal Session

Terminal Sessions
  1. Click the Add a terminal session link, at the right
  2. The Session Type should show Windows Terminal Services. 
  3. Click the drop down arrow to change the session type if this does not appear.
  4. Type in a bookmark name and description. 
  5. In the settings section, add the computer name or IP address of your office computer. 
  6. Select a screen size by using the drop-down box. 
  7. Select a color depth by using the drop-down box.
  8. Scroll down the screen to the bottom half of the screen.
  9. In the Session section – you can enter your Active Directory (computer) logon and password, or you can put <user> in the Username box to be prompted for your username and password once the remote access window appears.  You can also click the boxes for Connect Local Drives and Connect Local Printers, if desired.
  10. Click the Add button at the bottom.
  11. The default screen will appear.
  12. You can now click on the link to your office computer.
  13. If you typed <user> in the username blank when you set up your link, you will be prompted for your logon name and password.
  14. Enter the username and password you use when are in the office.