Video Conferencing

ITS provides video conferencing technologies for your meetings, distance education and telehealth needs.  Listed below are options available to customers. Access links to the right to request a video conference technology.

Videoconferencing   Interactive audio and video to one or more sites for classes, conferences, and meetings. These typically utilize video conferencing enabled classrooms and conference rooms. Based on customer’s needs, Video Services will provide access and training for appropriate technology. When needed, desktop and mobile device video conferencing software is integrated to allow flexibility of remote guest participation.

Campus Video Classrooms (scheduled by Central Room Scheduling)

Desktop and Mobile Video Conferencing  For participants not on campus, software-based video conferencing is being offered through the applications called ZOOM, VidyoDesktop and VidyoMobile. This videoconferencing system allows for total interactivity between participants.  The application supports Windows, MAC, iOS and Android operating systems. The system is suitable for supporting distance education courses, meetings and events. You will need a high speed internet connection, web cam and microphone to participate.  It is interactive audio and video straight from your desktop or mobile device to meeting guests using the software and or video conferencing hardware equipt rooms.

Live Video Streaming.  Audio and video are available live to participants anywhere who have a high speed Internet connection and a computer system with a web browser and either Real Player or Quick Time installed.

Archived Video Streaming  A video presentation or event is digitally recorded for retrieval at a later time. When participants access the URL for the stream, they receive recorded audio and video of the event. Access to archived streams require a high speed Internet connection and a web browser.

Telehealth Consultation   A telehealth consultation is a specialized video conference that provides secure HIPPA compliant,interactive audio and video between clinicians and patients.