Email for Students

All UNMC students have a UNMC Office 365 email account.

Accessing your email

Always use to access your Office 365 email and calendar.

Office 365 url

 (ITS recommends you use the most current browser version.  After January 1, 2016 only IE 11 and above will be supported by Microsoft)

Enter your full UNMC email and password at this login screen.  Your email address will be your ID for all Office 365 logins)

UNMC Office 365 Login

Mobile Device?  No Problem!

 ITS recommends using the Outlook App for the best reliability. Search for Outlook in your App Store. However you can use other native email apps if you wish.Outlook Mobile App

What's nice to know!

  1. Your email quota will be 30 GB
  2. Other Microsoft 365 applications are only a click away when you are in your Office 365 email.  This is great for easy storage, sharing of files and other collaboration tools.   Examples include OneDrive and Yammer. 

 You will not use to access email from off-campus

Need Help?

Troubleshooting and setup information