Inclusive Facilities and Services

The McGoogan Library at University of Nebraska Medical Center seeks to provide all library users with a welcoming, productive, and safe environment. We are committed to providing equitable access to our collections, services, and spaces. The library offers a variety of services and equipment in support of research and academic endeavors for all regardless of physical or cognitive ability.

Inclusion Corner: Brave Space and Safe Space

These spaces serve as a physical location where faculty, staff and students may come to create a sense of belonging. The images in this space reflect the diversity of our campus and also provide a separate designated location to come and share a difficult conversation. Both spaces create opportunities for growth as we work together to co-create understanding for a more inclusive campus. Inclusion Corner Spaces are located on Level 6. For information about inclusion at UNMC, see the Office of Inclusion page.


All spaces in the library can be accessed by users in wheelchairs.

The library is accessible via two elevators from Wittson Hall floors 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Accessible study carrels, moveable seating, individual rooms, and computer workstations are available throughout the library. All individual study rooms have height-adjustable desks.

All classrooms have moveable desks and accessible entrances.

Accessible multi-stall restrooms and one large all-gender single-stall restroom are located on each level.

Mother’s rooms are located on each level.

The library’s quietest zone is located in the northwest corner of level 7. Three individual study rooms (7053, 7054, and 7055) are open to all students via the campus online reservation system.

Collections Use

Request Online & Pick Up

Library users with a current account can use their ID to request items from the stacks to be ready for pickup at the library.

Ask for Retrieval Help

Upon request, library staff in all units will assist with the retrieval of books and with the use of electronic and other bibliographic resources. Time needed for retrieval will vary depending on staff availability.

Article Scanning Service

McGoogan Library can scan print items to enable accessibility features in Word or PDF (OCR) of journal articles owned by the library.

EPUB Conversion

Many McGoogan Library books are in EPUB format, but some are not. Using Microsoft Word and WordToEPUB, you can convert documents to the latest EPUB 3 format. EPUB files created with this tool can be used in a wide variety of reading apps on any platform, with the ability to personalize visual features such as colors, font, text size, and layout. Many reading apps have other useful features such as read aloud, the ability to add comments and bookmarks and support for electronic braille.

Courier Pick Up

Students, staff and faculty may have need for another person to pick up their library items. Please send a note to to enable this service one-time or for consistent use.


Library staff will send items to UNMC campus addresses by request.



All Windows and Mac display settings may be controlled, per-session, by users who are logged into the computer.

Audio/Visual Equipment

The Jim and Karen Linder Maker Studio has video playback equipment capable of displaying closed captioning and one VHS/DVD player.


To share concerns with physical or virtual spaces, including the library website, please contact

For more information about library spaces, see the Library Spaces section of the Library Policies page.

The University of Nebraska Medical Center is committed to maintaining an inclusive and accessible environment. For information about resources or share concerns, please see UNMC’s Accessibility Statement page.

For information about inclusion at UNMC, see the Office of Inclusion page.