Library Policies

Welcome to the Leon S. McGoogan Health Sciences Library at the University of Nebraska Medical Center! McGoogan Library serves the information needs of all University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) students, faculty, and staff, Nebraska Medicine, licensed Nebraska health professionals, and residents of the State of Nebraska. Members of the public are welcome to use library facilities and resources consistent with our policies.

Questions regarding the library's policies may be directed to Library Administration at 402-559-7079.

Library Service Disclaimer  
Our librarian’s role is to provide access to a range of authoritative materials, but he or she cannot be held responsible for the scientific accuracy or currency of all materials in the collection. The information conveyed by librarians does not constitute legal or medical advice. Librarians will not perform research for legal cases or interpret legal materials. If legal advice is required, the patron should seek the assistance of a licensed attorney. If medical advice is required, the patron should seek the assistance of a licensed health care professional.
Library usage for UNMC specially-designated groups  
Privacy Policy  

The McGoogan Library adheres to UNMC Privacy/Confidentiality Policy No 6045.

Library records and other information relating to the individuals use of the library are considered confidential. These records include but are not limited to, circulation records; reference or information inquiries; interlibrary loan requests; database search assistance; literature, systematic, and CHIRS requests; and library consultations. Patrons records and transaction histories may be consulted and used by library staff in the course of conducting library business.

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