Library Policies
Welcome to the McGoogan Library of Medicine at the University of Nebraska Medical Center! McGoogan Library serves the information needs of all University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) students, faculty, and staff, Nebraska Medicine, licensed Nebraska health professionals and residents of the State of Nebraska. Members of the public are welcome to use library facilities and resources consistent with our policies.
Library Service Disclaimer  
Our librarian’s role is to provide access to a range of authoritative materials, but he or she cannot be held responsible for the scientific accuracy or currency of all materials in the collection. The information conveyed by librarians does not constitute legal or medical advice. Librarians will not perform research for legal cases or interpret legal materials. If legal advice is required, the patron should seek the assistance of a licensed attorney. If medical advice is required, the patron should seek the assistance of a licensed health care professional.
Library Use  

The library reserves the right to ask patrons to leave or to notify Campus Security or law enforcement for engaging in disruptive behavior. Anyone engaging in disruptive behavior may be denied further access to the McGoogan Library.

This Library Use Policy has been created to protect the rights and safety of patrons and staff and to preserve and protect the library's materials, equipment, facilities and grounds. This document references UNMC policies

Noise in the Library and designated floors:

  • The 7th floor is a designated quiet study space.
  • The 6th floor is a designated collaborative learning space and some noise is to be expected. 

What you can expect from the library:

  • Space for users that is clean, quiet, and well lit.
  • Tools for users to find information quickly and efficiently.
  • Courteous and respectful service.
  • New services and changes to existing services, as needed, to fill users’ informational needs.
  • Access, within specific guidelines, to the library collections and collections of other institutions.
  • All library registration and circulation records are considered confidential information.

What we expect from our patrons:

  • Engage in responsible behavior and treat library staff and patrons with courtesy and respect. Avoid disruptive behavior, which includes, but is not limited to the following:
    • Assault or intimidation of staff or patrons through language or actions.
    • Excessive noise or commotion.
    • Refusing to leave a library unit at closing time.
    • Entering areas of the library marked "Staff only."
    • Engaging in sexual harassment and/or overt sexual behavior.
    • Being under the influence of alcohol/illegal drugs, and selling, using or possessing alcohol/illegal drugs.
  • Respect library material and equipment:
    • Refrain from marking materials with pencil, ink, post it notes, tape, paper clips, bending corners of pages and placing books open facedown.
    • Make copies instead of cutting pages out of materials.
    • Ensure check out of materials before leaving the library.
    • Refrain from installing unauthorized software and/or changing setups on library computer equipment.
    • Refrain from using public access computer workstations inappropriately (see UNMC and Library policies).
  • The Library follows the UNMC policies on:
    • Animals or pets are allowable only in cases of service animals.
    • Children under the age of 14 should not be unattended or unsupervised.
    • Children under the age of 16 are allowed in the Makerspace or adjoining administration areas only if they are part of a library-sponsored tour or are enrolled in a UNMC course or outreach program. Children over the age of 14 are allowed to use public areas of the library while waiting for a parent.
    • UNMC and the Library are tobacco free.
  • Drinks are permitted in spill-proof containers. Food is not permitted by computers. Cell phones and other electronic devices should be set to a silent mode when entering the library. Users are encouraged to use the entrance areas or stairwell for brief, quiet telephone conversations.
  • Users are advised not to leave personal items unattended anywhere in the library. Users need to report missing items at the AskUs Desk and Security will be notified. Personal items of value (e.g., wallets, purse, and cell phones) will be turned over to Security (Phone: 402-559-5111). Other items (e.g., water bottles, notebooks) will be kept at the “Lost and Found,” located at the AskUs Desk.

Questions regarding Library policies may be directed to the AskUs Desk or Library Administration.

Public Access and Computing  

As of November 2, 2015, McGoogan Library is open to members of public Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. At 5:00 p.m. any non-UNMC nor Nebraska Medicine affiliates will be asked to leave. NU students or employees, and Clarkson College students may gain access through an affiliate badge.

A form of identification to another NU campus or Clarkson College is required.  These include: photo ID, including government-issued or school issued. Also, documentation showing current enrollment (i.e. class registration, receipt for tuition payment, letter from an instructor).

Contact Christian Minter ( to set up affiliation-status.  Once the information has been submitted, it takes the ID office at least 24 hours to process the application. Individuals are to visit the UNMC photo ID office, located in the Student Life Center, 3908 Jones, Room 1048, with the following: valid driver’s license, government-issued ID, military ID, or passport. Once an individual receives the affiliate badge, then s/he will have access to the library in the evenings and weekends.

McGoogan Library’s public computers are limited to 90 minutes of consecutive use per patron, per day. Patrons are required to present photo identification at the AskUs Desk to obtain a Pin Number for computer use. Public workstations are intended to provide access to health related information or library services. The McGoogan Library reserves the right to limit the amount of time that non-affiliated users occupy a computer. Users must comply with the University of Nebraska Responsible Use Policy.

Library usage for UNMC specially-designated groups  
UNO student and faculty privileges  

State funds and student fees at each campus go towards the purchase of library resources such as databases, books, and journals. We are unable to offer remote access or other specialty UNMC services to UNO or other NU system students. However, the libraries are jointly licensing resources as funds are available and adding other campuses at no or minimal cost. If you need an article or other resource not immediately available, please speak to your campus librarians so they can direct you to the best way to obtain that resource. If you are enrolled in a joint program, you have access to the library resources at the campus receiving your tuition/fees.  Faculty with courtesy appointments may also have access to online resources from a remote location.

UNO students and faculty have the following UNMC library privileges:  

  • Access to online library resources from two public access computers. See the AskUs desk for logons. Photo ID required.
  • Access to the library in the evenings and weekends with a UNMC affiliate badge. See the Public Access and Computing tab on this page for more details.
  • Check out books for 2 weeks with a valid UNO ID.


Library Access for UNMC and Nebraska Medicine Affiliates  

The McGoogan Library offers extended hours via ID badge access, to UNMC and Nebraska Medicine employees and students. Other NU students and employees may request an affiliate badge at the library’s AskUs Desk for access to the library during the library’s extended hours.

The AskUs Desk staff may be reached at 402-559-6221 or for questions or affiliate access requests.

McGoogan Library Hours of Operation effective November 2, 2015:



Accessible to

7:30 am – 5 pm

Monday – Friday


7:30 am – 9 pm

Monday – Friday

UNMC employees and students (UNMC ID required)

UNMC affiliates (UNMC affiliate ID required)

Nebraska Medicine employees (Neb Med ID required)

Other NU employees and students and Clarkson College students (UNMC affiliate ID required)

10 am – 6 pm


1 pm – 9 pm



Hours may vary during holidays. 

Borrowing Privileges  

All faculty, staff, and students from UNMC and personnel from Nebraska Medicine may borrow McGoogan library materials by presenting their UNMC or Nebraska Medicine photo ID card and completing a registration form at the library Ask Us Desk. Patrons must have their valid UNMC or Nebraska Medicine photo ID card with them to check out.

All materials checked out on your ID are your responsibility. Special borrowing privileges may also be granted to those not affiliated with these institutions.

Loan Periods

Material Type

Check-Out Period

Renewal Period

Renewals Allowed

Review Books

7 Days

7 Days

1 Renewal

Journals (Bound  & Unbound)

3 Days

3 Days

2 Renewals


2 Weeks

2 Weeks

2 Renewals

Reserve Items

2 Hours

2 Hours

 1 Renewal*

*If no one else needs it

Rare Books

In-House use*

*contact Erin Torell



Anatomical Models

1 Week (UNMC only)



Study Rooms

4 Hours

4 Hours

2 Renewals


4 Hours

4 Hours

2 Renewals

Reference Books

On-site use




  • In-person at the AskUs Desk
  • By phone 402-559-4006
  • Do not need the item with you for renewal
  • Granted as long as no one else has placed a hold on the item


  • Items already checked out may be placed on hold
  • Contacted via phone or email
  • Hold item for 4 days


  • Two book drops
    1. Outside the library: Wittson Hall, 3rd floor across from the elevators
    2. Inside the library: AskUs Desk or book drop next to the desk
  • Return to the AskUs Desk:  media, models and reserve items

Overdue Fines and Lost Book Fees

  • Sent via email as a courtesy
  • Please keep library informed of current email

Overdue Fines for Books and Journals

  • $0.20/day per item
  • Maximum overdue: $10 per item
  • Grace period (4 days) as a courtesy
  • Charges are retroactive:
    • If an item is returned within the grace period, no fines are assessed
    • If the item is returned later, charges accrue from the first day
  • Holds will be placed with the Registrar until fines are paid

Overdue Fines for Reserve Items and Models

  • $1/hour per item
  • One hour grace period

Overdue Fines for Models

  • $1/day per item
  • Maximum fine: $50
  • No grace period

Replacement of Lost Items

  • Full replacement cost of the item, plus processing costs
  • Processing costs: $10
  • Pay by cash, check, or credit card at the library
  • If item is lost during check-out period, contact the library. If not, then overdue fees will be added.

Library Fines

  • Not able  to check out materials with unpaid library charges
  • Paid by cash, check, or credit card at the library
  • Hold on place with the Registrar.
  • With unpaid fines unable to:
    • Register for classes
    • Request transcripts
    • Access records on the student website
    • Request any type of enrollment verification

Print Reserves

  • Faculty may place materials on reserve at the AskUs Desk for use by UNMC students.
  • Items include: books, articles, and other course readings
  • Unable to provide an electronic reserve service
  • For more information contact Sue Clark (402) 559-4006 or

Special Borrowing Privileges

Health professionals, clergy, lawyers

  • Nebraska residents who are members of health related, scientific, clergy, and legal professions
    • Please present current Nebraska practitioner’s license (i.e. medical license, nursing license, bar association). Also, a current Nebraska photo ID is required.
    • Patron is required to bring the Special Privileges card for all library transactions. Special Privileges Accounts are valid for one year.
    • Check out 5 regular books
    • On-site use of journals and databases

University faculty and students

  • UNO, UNK, or UNL faculty
    • Check out up to 5 books and journals total
    • Show a valid University photo ID
  • UNO, UNK, or UNL staff and students
    • Check out up to 5 books
    • Show a valid University photo ID
    • Cannot check out journals
  • Nebraska Library Association College and University
    • Faculty
      • Granted special borrowing privileges
      • Check out up to 5 books
      • Cannot check out journals
    • Students
      • Not granted any borrowing privileges

Nebraska residents and UNMC/Nebraska Medicine patients

  • Nebraska residents
    • Limited borrowing privileges to the CHIRS (Consumer Health) collection
    • Present a valid Nebraska photo ID card to obtain a CHIRS (Consumer Health) card
    • Bring the CHIRS card for all library transactions
    • Limited to 5 consumer health collection books at a time
    • Regular collection books and journals may be used on-site
  • Nebraska Medicine patients or family members of patients (if from out of state)
    • CHIRS account (valid for 90 days)
      • Bring a valid out-of-state ID card and a letter of referral from a Nebraska Medicine health professional
Course Reserves  

To place an item on reserve in the library, an instructor can request that a book in the library’s collection be placed on reserve or supply their own copy.

To check out a reserve item, a valid UNMC ID must be presented. These items can be checked out for two hours and cannot leave the library unless the instructor has given prior permission. Pages can be scanned or copied utilizing the library’s public use scanner station. Reserve items can be renewed once for an additional two hours if there has not been another request.

Study Rooms  

McGoogan Library of Medicine has 16 study rooms available to students, faculty and staff of UNMC and Nebraska Medicine. Reservation for study rooms can be made online. Patrons must have UNMC or Nebraska Medicine email address in order to reserve the room. Patrons will receive a verification email from Evanced Solutions. They must verify their email address first and then will be able to reserve rooms.

Study rooms may be reserved for up to 4 hours at a time with 1 renewal (unless the room is reserved by another patron). Patrons may have two active reservations within a 24-hour period. Date and time of reservation must pass before the patron can make another reservation.  Reservations may be made up to 2 weeks in advance.

Wi-fi is available in all of the rooms. Markers, erasers and white boards are available in each room. Additional markers and erasers are available at the AskUs Desk. Please remove any rolling white boards and documentation on the white boards when vacating the rooms.

The study rooms are keyless; patrons are advised not to leave personal items unattended anywhere in the library.

After Hours Access  

It is the policy of UNMC to provide 24 hour access to the library for faculty and house staff who may need access to emergency patient care information. The Security Department provides procedures for after hours access:


  1. UNMC faculty and house staff who need access to patient care information while the library is closed should contact security in order to arrange access to the library.
  2. A security officer will escort the physician or designated staff member into the library where both will sign in with their name, department, and extension. The security officer will remain with the physician/staff member throughout the stay in the library.
  3. The physician/staff member will immediately retrieve the item(s) needed. Minimal time should be spent in the library. Ideally a MEDLINE or catalog search will have identified material needed prior to entering the library.
  4. A maximum of 3 items can be removed from the library under these circumstances. Each item needs to be recorded by the barcode number in the back of the material, as well as by name, volume number, etc. in order to identify the material.
  5. The following day the library staff will contact the physician to verify the material checked out and the due dates.
  6. Additional limitations:
    • Such a visit to the library should take no more than 1 hour
    • Security will escort a maximum of 2 persons into the library
    • Security-escorted access to the library is to be used only when patient care information is needed in an emergency situation, and is not to be used to substitute for routine access to the library
Printing and Scanning  

Effective January 9, 2017: to defray the high cost of paper and toner, the library charges to print materials 10 cents per sheet of paper. Copies may be picked up and paid for at the AskUs Desk. 

Cluster Computers - Print policies from Computer Cluster printers within the library are set and governed by the ITS Department. Wireless printing is also now available for students in the library.

The library provides a scanning unit with an attached printer for public use. Customers can scan their documents to a flash-drive, to a smart phone or to their email. Scanning can be done in Black/White or Color. It can be sent to your device as a PDF, a searchable PDF, a Word document, a TIFF or a JPEG file. Scans can also be sent to the attached printer. The printer is coin operated (10 cents per black and white page), but will also accept $1, $5, and $10 bills. Please remember when scanning, that all copyright rules apply.

3D Printer  
  1. The 3D printer is available for use by current students, faculty, and staff of the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Nebraska Medicine.
  2. All use of the 3D workstation must be reserved in advance (instructions on reserving the workstation).
  3. Only designated staff will have hands‐on access to the 3D printer.
  4. Staff are acting as facilitators to provide access to the 3D workstation and printer. Staff do not necessarily have the skills to assist you with its operation especially during evening hours.
  5. This service is designed for rapid prototyping, not production. No jobs printing large numbers of identical objects will be accepted.
  6. All printed objects must be picked up at the AskUs Desk within 30 days of printing.
  7. The McGoogan Library cannot guarantee model quality or stability, confidentiality of designs, or specific delivery times.
  8. The 3D printer may be used for academic or business‐related purposes only.
  9. Objects printed on the library’s 3D printer must be done so for lawful purposes. Users must abide by all applicable intellectual property rights and laws including copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code) and patent law (Title 35, U.S. Code), UNMC policies, and library policies.
  10. No firearms or other weapons, obscene or inappropriate objects may be created using the 3D printer.
  11. McGoogan Library staff reserve the right to decline any print request for any reason.
  12. Print requests will be limited to academic, clinical, and research objects.  Library staff will have the discretion to determine if an object meets one of those three areas.  If an object is questionable, staff will notify the requester for clarification of the objects intent.
  13. The library's makerspace contains high-temperature equipment, chemicals, and tools which require safety instruction.  Children under the age of 16 are allowed in the Makerspace or adjoining administration areas only if they are part of a library-sponsored tour or are enrolled in a UNMC course or outreach program. Children over the age of 14 are allowed to use public areas of the library while waiting for a parent.
Privacy Policy  

The McGoogan Library of Medicine adheres to UNMC Privacy/Confidentiality Policy No 6045.

Library records and other information relating to the individuals use of the library are considered confidential. These records include but are not limited to, circulation records; reference or information inquiries; interlibrary loan requests; database search assistance; literature, systematic, and CHIRS requests; and library consultations. Patrons records and transaction histories may be consulted and used by library staff in the course of conducting library business.

For additional Information: