UNMC Health Information Service

The UNMC Health Information Service assists Nebraska residents or patients receiving health care in Nebraska, and their families, in finding information on health and wellness topics.


Health Information Requests

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The library is currently only open to the medical center community, but services and assistance are still available. Email askus@unmc.edu or 402-559-6221 for more information.



This service is intended to provide general information for you. Only a health professional (doctor, nurse, etc.) can interpret the information for your condition and situation. Please consult your health professional on specific medical questions.

Our librarian’s role is to provide access to a range of authoritative materials, but they cannot be held responsible for the scientific accuracy or currency of all materials in the collection. The information conveyed by librarians does not constitute legal advice. Reference librarians will not perform research for legal cases or interpret legal materials. If legal advice is required, the user should seek the assistance of a licensed attorney.