Volunteer Faculty

Thank you for agreeing to serve as a University of Nebraska Medical Center preceptor. To support you in your role as an educator, you have received an ID and password on the UNMC information network. Your ID and password allow you to access electronic books, journals, and databases licensed by the Leon S. McGoogan Health Sciences Library. The library pays educational rates for these resources and as a result, the publishers allow them to be used for noncommercial educational purposes only.

Volunteer faculty may request literature search services and interlibrary loan for educational purposes in direct support of teaching or grand rounds. Literature search services and interlibrary loan to support patient care, clinical effectiveness, guideline creation, quality initiatives, grant writing, publications, or other research are not included services for volunteer faculty.

Who is considered an authorized user of licensed resources?

Authorized users include currently registered UNMC students; UNMC employees; and UNMC faculty holding Regents appointments to salaried, volunteer, courtesy, and emeritus positions. Licensors also consider walk-in users of public access computers in the McGoogan Library as authorized users.

Acceptable use of library resources

Authorized users may view, reproduce, or store copies of these resources, provided the materials are for personal use in connection with their responsibilities as a preceptor. For example, your student has a question about a certain drug or procedure. You may search for and print a copy of an article on that particular subject to share with your student.

Unacceptable use of library resources

Authorized users may not use their ID and password to retrieve or distribute materials to other hospital employees (i.e. nurses, pharmacists, techs, physicians), patients, customers, or colleagues who do not have UNMC faculty, staff, or student appointments. This is considered commercial use and is not allowed. For example, you may not use the UpToDate© resource to print off information to give to patients. You may not share your ID and password or allow third parties to use or benefit from articles or information you obtain from McGoogan Library electronic books, journals, or databases. You may not redistribute or resell content, in electronic or any other form. You may not reproduce, electronically or otherwise, material beyond that permitted under Section 107 and 108 of the U.S. copyright law, which legally define fair use of copyrighted articles and content. See the McGoogan Library’s Copyright and Fair Use web pages for more information on fair use.

Where can other hospital employees get help or information?

If your institution does not employ a librarian or does not have a library, the McGoogan Library may be able to provide direction or advice. Contact us via askus@unmc.edu or 402-559-6221.

Where can patients go for more information?

The Consumer Health Information Resource Service (CHIRS) assists Nebraska residents or patients receiving health care in Nebraska, and their families, in finding information on health and wellness topics. A medical librarian will research the patient’s health question and put together a packet of information specific to the patient’s needs.

The information will be sent directly to the patient for free by mail or email. To submit a question online, fill out the CHIRS Request Form. You can also reach us by email at askus@unmc.edu, or by phone at 402-559-6221.


If you have any questions about accessing licensed resources, visit the library’s homepage, or reach us at askus@unmc.edu or 402-559-6221.