Respiratory treatments; Specific therapies may seem more like a nonspecific, because of this they commonly get forgotten.  Although most skilled nursing facilities do not have a dedicated respiratory therapy department, all can provide various aspects of respiratory treatments.  Order specific type of treatment, frequency and drugs were applicable is necessary. When ordering bronchodilators, patients with inability to cooperate with metered dose inhalers will require nebulizers.

Appointments; it is important transition of care practice, to designate who future appointments should be with (including the primary HCP).  Your order should indicate a "range" that would give a better chance of scheduling the appointment.  Example; follow-up appointment with PCP in 1-2 weeks.


Renewing previous orders; although it is best when readmitting a patient to a facility to write new, updated orders, is occasionally appropriate to renew previous orders.  Examples of this could be; topical therapies, scheduled lab such as INR's, and diets.

This is only appropriate if you are sure the previous schedule fits the patient's needs.


This completes the Pearl card  for DISCHARGE ORDERS to SNF/NF/HOME HEALTH