V-ital signs.

Most nursing facilities do vital signs weekly unless directed otherwise.  When asking for additional vital signs, be sure to designate who they are to call with abnormalities (call patient's HCP for...)  If you have specific concerns, define the criteria for alerting the patients HCP's, for example; heart failure patients may need alerts for weight gain (e.g. > 3 pounds) or significant orthostatic drop in blood pressure (e.g. systolic BP < 90).

Some facilities do not know what the term orthostatic blood pressures mean and specifically saying "sit then stand blood pressures" may help to get the information you want.  Lastly, avoid asking for these monitoring data to be done on Fridays or weekends unless absolutely necessary.  Why?, often the abnormalities come to the on-call people who may not know the patient or have time to deal with it.