The Munroe-Meyer Institute for Genetics and Rehabilitation conducts cutting-edge studies across the research spectrum. Basic, applied, translational and evaluative programs of investigation are conducted by each MMI program and discipline.

Research programs at MMI range from basic investigations in developmental neurosciences, such as the genetics of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders, to applied studies of treatments for disorders of movement, severe behavior, feeding, communication, sleep, pediatric pain and learning. Many of these projects are funded from university, federal or state sources. A listing of the programmatic areas of study at MMI (see left column) can be found on this website along with links to individual faculty research interests and products.

Within its staff of more than 260 individuals, MMI employs a faculty of more than 40 scientists, applied practitioners and health care professionals, all of whom are involved in scholarly activities. On average, MMI faculty and staff publish 60 papers per year in refereed journals and present annually at more than 100 national and international meetings and conferences.

Assisting MMI faculty in their research efforts are numerous post-doctoral fellows, doctoral interns and graduate students who are supported from a variety of funding sources. These individuals have been recruited from more than 60 colleges and universities across Nebraska and nationally and contribute significantly to MMI’s research efforts.