Art at Munroe-Meyer

The art created or chosen for the new Munroe-Meyer Institute was done so purposefully and carefully to achieve a sense of welcome and comfort, inclusion and belonging. Learn more about a few of those pieces here.

Kinetic Sculptures by artist Anthony Howe

Soar is a wind-powered kinetic sculpture that stands at the southeast corner of the Munroe-Meyer Institute. SOAR was made possible through a generous gift honoring Ruth Scott, a principal donor for the MMI replacement building.

red video camera icon  Watch SOAR in motion

SOAR kinetic wind sculpture (AZLON, artist Anthony Howe) at the UNMC Munroe-Meyer Institute, backlit against sun and blue sky filled with cirrus clouds; photo credit: Karoly Mirnics PhD MD

Waterfall is a wind-powered kinetic sculpture located at the main entrance of MMI. Waterfall was made possible through a generous gift from Bob and Myrna Krohn, longtime friends and supporters of the Munroe-Meyer Institute.

red video camera icon  Watch Waterfall in motion

Waterfall kinetic sculpture at the main entrance of UNMC Munroe-Meyer Institute; artist Anthony Howe

Custom Creations

A Place Where Everyone Belongs is a 4'4' cut paper one-of-a-kind creation by local artist, Lisa Worrall. 'A place where everyone belongs!' a central message within MMI, is part of the design. This piece was funded by a grant in 2021 from the Munroe-Meyer Guild and is displayed in the Recreational Therapy Department, inside the south entrance on level one.

Lisa Worrall "MMI is a Place Where Everyone Belongs" artwork; 2021

To learn more about MMI art, contact our department of community engagement: email | 402-552-6364