Research Projects

To build a critical mass of interactive and productive researchers, we have been recruiting, supporting and mentoring junior faculty members so they can establish independent, funded research programs. Examples of funded research in each of the phases of the Nebraska Center for Neurosensory Systems (NCNS) include:

Phase I:

Yunxia Lundberg, Ph.D., BTNRH: Formation and Regulation of Otoconia
Sonia Sanchez, Ph.D, CU: The role of the E2F2 modulation of RB1 in cochlear SCs to mediate HC regeneration
Garrett Soukup, Ph.D., CU: MicroRNA regulation of neurosensory development
Kristen Drescher, Ph.D., CU: Role of Neuregulins in Myelin Repair in the CNS and PNS
Neena Haider, Ph.D., UNMC: Functional Characterization of Nr2e3 in the Developing and Adult Photoreceptor Cells

Phase II:

Marisa Zallocchi, Ph.D., BTNRH: Role of Usher proteins in hair cell synaptic maturation in zebrafish
Richard Tempero, M.D., Ph.D, BTNRH: The role of the lymphatic vasculature in inflammation and wound recovery in the cornea
Michael Weston, Ph.D., Creighton University: Characterization of a microRNA misexpression model of age related deafness
Kenneth Kramer, Ph.D., Creighton University: Role of keratan sulfate in zebrafish ear development
Woo-Yang Kim, Ph.D., UNMC: Functional characterization of learning disorder candidate genes in hippocampal development
Jyothi Arikkath, Ph.D., UNMC: Molecular mechanisms in Rett syndrome

Phase III:

Heather Jensen-Smith, Ph.D., CU: Analysis of the capacity of redox metabolism, via C Terminal Binding Protein, to regulate cell fate in regenerative and nonregenerative sensory epithelia
Shashank Dravid, Ph.D., CU: Regulation of hippocampal synapses by glutamate delta-1 receptor
Sowmya Yelamanchili, Ph.D., UNMC: Role of miR-1290 in neurodevelopment
Peng Jiang, Ph.D., UNMC: Generating chimeric mice with human iPSC-derived astroglia for modeling Down Syndrome
Soyoun Cho, Ph.D., BTNRH: Calcium and pH homeostasis at auditory hair cell synapses
Sung-Ho Huh, Ph.D., UNMC: Role of Fibroblast Growth Factor signaling in sensory development
Daniel Monaghan, Ph.D., UNMC: The role of NMDA receptor (NMDAR) subtypes in generating and treating disrupted neuronal oscillations in animal models of schizophrenia, autism spectrum disorders, and intellectual disability
Matthew Van Hook, Ph.D., UNMC: Synaptic dysfunction as an early window into glaucoma pathology