Lab Safety

Set of ten 11” x 17” posters

SEPA Lab Safety Poster

Hand Washing

Set of five laminated 8.5” x 11” signs. Ideal for washrooms and sink areas

SEPA Wash Your Hands Poster

Animal Posters

Each poster in the set has color photographs of animals representing its class. The materials were designed for elementary and middle school classrooms but may appeal to a broader audience depending on the usage.


Five (5) individual posters (11” × 17”) for each animal class: fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and one (1) composite poster. Available in English and Spanish.

SEPA Vertebrates Posters


Eight (8) individual posters (11” × 17”) for each animal class: sponges, cnidarians, arthropods (insects, arachnids, and crustaceans), molluscs, echinoderms, worms and one (1) composite poster. Available in English and Spanish.

SEPA Invertebrates Poster

Animal Classification Cards

The set of 15 animal classification cards (2.5” x 3.5”) contain pictures of each class on the front and its characteristics on the back.  Available in English and Spanish.

SEPA Animal Cards

Role Model Posters

The role model poster series feature Native Americans from across the country who work in a science or health science field.  Designed with the idea of providing positive and inspiring role models to Native students, these posters are great for classroom instruction, hallway displays and multicultural events as well as being a novel way of exposing students to new career possibilities.  Each set features five different individuals and their careers.

Set 1:

Environmental Engineer, School Psychologist, Physician, and Radiology Technologist

SEPA Set 1 Posters

Set 2:

Occupational Therapist, High School Science Teacher, Middle School Science Teacher, and Molecular Immunologist

SEPA Set 2 Posters

Set 3:

Veterinary Technician, Anthropologist, Dentist (female), Astronaut, and Social Worker

SEPA Set 3 Posters

Set 4:

Firefighter, Industrial Tech Teacher, Agricultural Manager, Clinical Services Administrator, and EMT

SEPA Set 4 Posters

Set 5:

Buffalo Herd Manager, Veterinarian, Chemical Engineer, and Environmental Specialist

SEPA Set 5 Posters

Set 6:

Marine Biologist, Astronomer, Physicist, Assistant Surgeon General (retired), and Lab Supervisor

SEPA Set 6 Posters

Set 7:

Physician Assistant, Bioethicist, Architect, Optical Engineer, and Physical Therapist

SEPA Set 7 Posters

Set 8:

Nurse, Biologist, Dental Assistant, Pharmacy Technician and Health Scientist

SEPA Set 8 Posters

Bird Curriculum

Birds are a wonderful way to teach many different science and math skills as well as life science to young learners.

The bird curriculum highlights 16 birds common to Nebraska and South Dakota, with a wide variety of activities that vary from size estimation to an original coloring book that can be used for language arts and foreign languages.  Songs, poems and finger plays are featured in the appendix.

SEPA Bird Curriculum Poster

Ethnobotany Study Book

Not available at the moment

Math Concept Cards

This is a set of 38 cards divided into the five areas of math as determined by National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).  They were designed for word walls to help students visually see a relationship between the concept and the vocabulary word associated with that concept.  A template for creating student learning booklets is also included.

SEPA Math Concepts Poster

Winning Words for Success – Exam Instruction Words

This set of 28 cards contains words commonly found in the instructions for formal exams.  Since many of these concepts are abstract, these cards attach a visual component to better illustrate what students are being asked to do on the exam.  Mainly designed for middle and high school classrooms.

SEPA Winning Words for Success Posters