Role Model Poster Project

The purpose of this program is to stimulate the interest in health and science among Native American youth.

In an effort to create awareness of Native Americans presently in health and science fields and to encourage students to explore these professions, the SEPA program staff wants your help in nominating Native American professionals who would be good role models for young Native American students.

Role Model Poster Project

We are looking for Native American individuals pursuing an active career in any areas of health and science.

Some ideas of careers might be: medical lab tech, dietician, optometrist, respiratory therapist, geologist, meteorologist, engineers, research scientists, etc.

Persons selected will be featured in a poster set that will be distributed to SEPA partner schools and made available for purchase to other interested schools and organizations. With the help of the Nebraska Department of Education, these role model posters are also being converted into an interactive ibook format so any student can access the information online free of charge.

Any proceeds made from the sale of these role model posters will go back to the SEPA program to fund future health and science outreach projects for SEPA partner schools in Nebraska and South Dakota.

To nominate someone to be on this poster series, fill out and email a nomination form.

If you would like to be considered for one of the role model series, fill out a nominee application form and email with all materials requested.