Guardian Information

As the legal guardian for someone receiving state services, we understand you may have questions and concerns.

We can assure you that all personal information will remain confidential.

All surveyors undergo extensive training, and you may be present during the interview.  While a majority of the questions only can be answered by the person receiving services directly, there are some questions that you may answer, if needed.  If you are unable to be present during the interview and would like another person to serve as a proxy, please discuss this with the scheduler when they call.

Additionally, all survey responses are confidential and are not linked to you or the individual receiving services in any way. No one at the state, county or provider agencies will know how you or the person receiving services responds.

To set up a time to meet with a Munroe-Meyer Institute interviewer at your convenience, please contact Rachel Ray at 800-656-3937 ext 3673. If you have questions or concerns about either survey, please contact Rachel Ray.  If you have questions about the NCI survey, please contact the National Core Indicators Survey State Coordinator, Brad Wilson at 402-471-7909. If you have questions about the NCI-AD survey, please contact the National Core Indicators Aging and Disabilities Survey State Coordinator Stephanie Crouch at 1-800-358-8802.