State Disability Leadership Seminars

An annual series of community trainings held across the state involving Nebraska disability leaders on promoting leadership and advocacy skills targeting persons with disabilities, family members and concerned citizens.

This activity is a partnership between the Munroe-Meyer Institute University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) and the State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council. Three or more trainings are conducted at locations across the state. Trainers include the developmental disability leaders from a variety of agency partners. Seminars are two days in length and focus on improving systems and supports for individuals with disabilities. The focus of the training is centered around the lived experience of individuals with intellectual disabilities. Plans are in place for this to be an ongoing activity annually, in addition work is currently in place to expand the number of training locations.

Contact Mark Smith, MS for more information, 402-559-5744.

In addition to opportunities available through MMI, State Disability Leadership Training Opportunities are available to parents and caregivers.