Multidisciplinary Autism Diagnostic Clinic (Children's Hospital and Medical Center)

Developmental Medicine participates in the Multidisciplinary Autism Diagnostic Clinic held at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center to provide an evaluation and diagnosis of children suspected to have autism. The evaluation includes:

After the clinical process is complete, a diagnosis and further medical testing may be recommended. The family is provided resources to navigate the follow-up care and community services.

Frequently asked questions, may be:

  1. Does my child have autism?
  2. What behavioral therapies would be most helpful?
  3. Could there by an underlying genetic diagnosis?
  4. Are there other medical issues we should be concerned about?
  5. While medication is a last resort, could it help my child? 
  6. What therapeutic services (speech, physical, occupational) would best help my child and how do I access them?
  7. All of this is confusing and overwhelming, what do we do next?